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  SolitudeSF 8582421491
More plugins. go. cargo. Change font. Normalize colors. Devmon notify. преди 2 години
  SolitudeSF 53b789e055
Cleanup and fixes. More bspwm rules. преди 2 години
  SolitudeSF 3b6ccc3f70
Stabilize adapter name with udev. Disown non-deamon processes on startup. преди 2 години
  SolitudeSF 9a9a758237
Change layout tracking program. Misc fixes. преди 2 години
  SolitudeSF a0ea9ae51e
Nightly -> Stable. Consider fish even more. Back to using syncthing. Wifi unfucked. преди 2 години
  SolitudeSF f69c80b9f6
Actually consider fish. Fix setup. Erase all traces of emacs. преди 2 години
  SolitudeSF feb214d97e
What преди 3 години