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  SolitudeSF 0e63de903c
Elvish refactoring. Wallpaper wrapper. kaksource. Lots of minor changes. пре 2 година
  SolitudeSF 8582421491
More plugins. go. cargo. Change font. Normalize colors. Devmon notify. пре 2 година
  SolitudeSF 53b789e055
Cleanup and fixes. More bspwm rules. пре 2 година
  SolitudeSF 4ffc8fa4ea
Unconsider fish. Cleanup garbage. Minor ranger usability improvement. пре 2 година
  SolitudeSF bacac45e44
Actually use kak-lsp. Improve imgur script. Bunch of minor fixes. пре 2 година
  SolitudeSF ef440b22f0
Another reorganization пре 2 година
  SolitudeSF 5788e743be
Wack пре 2 година
  SolitudeSF feb214d97e
What пре 3 година