Plain C implementation of Discord API (shitcode. look for libdiscord)
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Discord API library written in C.

Tested on Fedora.

This software is under heavy development and very unstable so I don't recommend to use it.

Used libraries (thanks <3)


  • Channel
    • Get Channel
    • Modify Channel
    • Delete/Close Channel
    • Get Channel Messages
    • Get Channel Message
    • Create Message
    • Create Reaction
    • Delete Own Reaction
    • Delete User Reaction
    • Get Reactions
    • Delete All Reactions
    • Edit Message
    • Delete Message
    • Bulk Delete Messages
    • Edit Channel Permissions
    • Get Channel Invites
    • Create Channel Invite
    • Delete Channel Permission
    • Trigger Typing Indicator
    • Get Pinned Messages
    • Add Pinned Channel Message
    • Delete Pinned Channel Message
    • Group DM Add Recipient
    • Group DM Remove Recipient
  • Guild (nothing implemented yet)
  • Invite (nothing implemented yet)
  • User (nothing implemented yet)
  • Voice (nothing implemented yet)
  • Webhook (nothing implemented yet and not planned)


NOTE: This guide is outdated.

This is an example for installation on debian-based linux distributions.

First you need a build essentials. Install it with apt.

apt-get install build-essentials # gcc, make etc...

Then you'll need some libraries:

apt-get install libjson-c-dev # JSON library

apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev # CURL with SSL support

After library installation clone this repository with submodules:

git clone --recursive

cd Crow

Execute the following commands:


To run bot execute ./crow.


You can create file .crowrc in your home directory with following syntax:


Just replace token and bot_prefix with yours.

You can also provide token via argument like this:

./crow --token=MjIzMDQyOTM0NjA0MzAwMjg5.DGyFPA.QUJzunfPjC2ajfnj9qSyocsNFAW

But you can't provide bot prefix this way. There is also flag -s which saves current token and bot prefix to your .crowrc file. Default prefix is ??.