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## Phase 1 / We need your help
> Help us collect item data from items you have unlocked, so that our Team can build a better MK11Unlocker.

### Follow these steps
1. Play Mortal Kombat 11 for a while and leave it open
2. Download and install the latest version of Python for your Windows (x64 or x86), don't forget to check "Add Python * to PATH"
3. Download our script named "" and save it in an empty folder
4. Open up your Command Prompt (cmd.exe) and navigate into your scripts folder
5. Open up your task manager and create a dump file of Mortal Kombat 11, this can be done by right clicking Mortal Kombat 11 and selecting "Create dump file"
6. Go back into your Command Prompt and execute "py -d #" (The # represents the location of your dump file given by your task manager)
7. Don't panic if it looks stuck, the script will tell you when its finished
8. **YOU DID IT**, now you can send us the "data_sorted" file in your scripts folder via e-mail (

### Thanks go to

- nill_kiggers (for helping me with the Unlocker itself and other stuff)

## Phase 2 / The script is yours
> At this stage we will make our unlocker publicly available, so that everyone can use it.