A small RTS game im making in unity3D
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Welcome, dear merchant, to kara!

Kara is a 3D Real Time Strategy Game, im doing on my few minutes of extra time to learn both shader's and coding relating to modelling and rendering. Its also because every time i play Empire of Earth i always feel as though the game is incomplete yet was going on a good direction.

Although i will never be able to fix the code or continue the legacy as neither i have licenses and legal rights to it, nor the playerbase will ever agree with all of my changes, the game will probably end up either as an incomplete mess or a modern inspiration of EE with some adds and retracts to what i think its missing.

What the future holds?

Probably nothing, if you ended up here reading this, because one of the tags or your a friend of mine looking to "code review" my code on how its either shitty, badly documented and over the top, maybe you will be disapointed that im prone to drop projects that im not obcessed in.

The good news is: its not the first time im creating this project as this is the second/third iteration, the first was created before i entered college in my 11º grade(basically although i knew how to code, or better yet the syntax, i didn't know how to properly structure code): only having a terrain, a algorithm to put the capital on somewhere plain on the map, panning the camera, a select script and the ability to move citizens(some capsule's), and the second if its even a interation, was due to me being bored, it was done some months ago and i decided to instead of making the game vertically, and start with the game itself i decided to create the UI first... well the native UI of unity 3D appears to suck so i decided to try to make some basic editor scripts that would help me creating the UI like it was CSS, i just wanted a few functions but after a few lines i quickly not only got bored but i started to see that: i wasn't doing it properly and deciding how it would work before hand and there was likely a better ui system i could use in the asset store

What's it about?

Well i have some ideas, firstly i hate games without any backstory, even if its not relevant or detailed. Playing a game with just the game features removes any imersion which i think is a critical step for a game to last. It doesn't need to be something like league of legends where each of the 300 gazillion characters have a pdf explaining why they have to smash the enemy characters with some weird objects but mostly something like: who you represent in the game, why is the scenery happening and lastly the precedents/narrative for it

Although i've seen this in various games i think the ideology comes close to some quote i heard from the guy who created doom about some comparison to adult movies.

The main idea is that somewhere in some random date, theres a culture of merchants showing their tactical and strategic aptitude in a small simulation world, bets are tipically placed on players and thats it: you are a merchant trying to win the board.

What about the rules!

If you ever played EE: art of conquest you will see some common things as i will mostly take a lot of ideas from it, but i don't intend to copy it/ just modernize it. I intend to add a centralization system and more coherent "states", in EE it feels a bit off there's this absolute rule over everything. In this i intend to change this,probably making the game feel very different. The idea will be if a condition is met to town or more populated centers the surrounding buildings will be now controlled by the player responsible to met the condition. i still haven't figured out if it will be sheer damage or some kind of diplomacy system, which i intend to do the latter, as it gives more choice and strategy to be able to either scorch earth your way into dominating the board or more usual belic strategies.

No one will read this why are you writting this readme!?

Well again this isn't supposed to be a "thing" and if i start taking seriously you will quickly notice a difference as i probably start calling people or start making documentation and the whole boring process of sharing it, but although im not very open to the idea of having outside help as that requires both parties to compromise on posting some periodic updates(which as of right now i can't afford), if you wish to contribute some code or models from time to time, you are free to do so by getting in touch with me. But again reminder that at any time i might decide to suddenly either put the project in standby for a year or more, or even ditch it for what seems to be a indefinite time

Worse is that you will have to assume that if you give me code/some assets i will screw you in the future, as in: assets you made given to me aren't entitled to cash benefits in the future. this is not because im greedy or if somehow i end up unemployed and find this project to be my only way to gain something like a paycheck, i won't give you some part or reputation, its just to warn you about if you give me an asset and i scrap the project unless i start making it a serious thing, your contributions will be just that contributions... they don't have any say in my decision of the overall project even if i decide to make something stupid...

INB4 my friends will laugh at me for writting all of this when no one see's my projects but its not the first time i have to say the last thing to colleagues and friends so...

How to build this god damn thing

Hey this is for me in the future, and as the guy in the present i will say IDK! i've ignored most of the build stuff and artifacts and this was build on unity 2022.1.0b16(ie beta stuff), So the likely response to myself is: copy all of this shit into your root project and hope it works if it doesn't you'll have to manually copy the Assets folder which should have all the core stuff to run the project and build it

OH and i forgot: i built this on linux... arch btw... and worse i probs due to me being lazy understanding how C# truly works behind the scenes on linux im still unaware on how dll work inside of it, or if there is any .net architecture and if its all just running on mono or that weird IC2p something that unity provides either way install all of these if you want to see it working. (this is for me i guess)The project also has a mongoDB "soft dependancy" which you do not have an "account" on you need for version control automation