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# :rocket: Sveltekit Starter
[![Powered By Sveltekit](]( [![Language: TypeScript](]( [![ECMAScript: 2019](]( [![Tailwindcss](]( [![Postcss](]( [![SCSS](]( [![StorybookJS](]( [![Jest](]( [![Prettier](]( [![Eslint](]( [![License: MIT](](
2 years ago
Sveltekit starter project created with Sveltekit, Typescript, Tailwindcss, Postcss, SCSS, Husky, ESLint, Prettier, Storybook, and Jest.
The project has the ***SSR (Server Side Rendering)*** setup. These template is easy to configure and built upon as it has scalable structure.
2 years ago
## :100: Project LightHouse Report :fire:
2 years ago
## :paperclip: Menu
2 years ago
- :bulb: [Features](#bulb-features)
- :hammer: [Project Setup](#hammer-project-setup)
- :bug: [Known Bugs](
## :bulb: Features
- [:heavy_check_mark:] Server side rendering built with SEO in mind
- [:heavy_check_mark:] PWA + Service Worker + Offline
- [:heavy_check_mark:] Tailwindcss + Postcss + SCSS Syntax Support in Postcss
- [:heavy_check_mark:] Global Style and Variable preconfigured for Postcss
- [:heavy_check_mark:] Browser sync, auto refresh, auto reload
- [:heavy_check_mark:] 100% on Google Speedpage and 100% Lighthouse report
- [:heavy_check_mark:] Friendly and Scalable boilerplate
- [:heavy_check_mark:] Typescript + TSPaths (absolute for imports in component) preconfigured
- [:heavy_check_mark:] Prettiers, ESLint, and Husky preconfigured
- [:heavy_check_mark:] Github and Vscode dotfiles preconfigured
### :pushpin: TODO
- [:heavy_multiplication_x:] Images LazyLoad
- [:heavy_multiplication_x:] Route Transition animation
- [:heavy_multiplication_x:] E2E Test configuration using Cypress
- [:heavy_multiplication_x:] JEST Test configuration
- [:heavy_multiplication_x:] Internationalization (i18n)
## :hammer: Project Setup
1. `npx degit navneetsharmaui/sveltekit-starter my-app` or Clone this repository.
2. `yarn install`.
3. `yarn dev`.
## 💫 License
- Code and Contributions have **MIT License**
2 years ago
*Copyright (c) 2021 [Navneet Sharma]( ([@asnavneetsharma](*