Sveltekit boilerplate
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# :rocket: Sveltekit Starter
[![Powered By Sveltekit](]( [![Language: TypeScript](]( [![ECMAScript: 2019](]( [![Tailwindcss](]( [![Postcss](]( [![SCSS](]( [![StorybookJS](]( [![Jest](]( [![Prettier](]( [![Eslint](]( [![License: MIT](](
## [Svektekit Blog](
Use the above link if you want to use the sveltekit blog template.
Sveltekit starter project created with Sveltekit, Typescript, Tailwindcss, Postcss, SCSS, Husky, ESLint, Prettier, Storybook, and Jest.
The project has the ***SSR (Server Side Rendering)*** setup. These template is easy to configure and built upon as it has scalable structure.
## :100: :fire: Project LightHouse Report
## :paperclip: Menu
- :bulb: [Features](#bulb-features)
- :hammer: [Project Setup](#hammer-project-setup)
- :bug: [Known Bugs](
## :bulb: Features
- [:heavy_check_mark:] Server side rendering built with ***SEO*** in mind.
- [:heavy_check_mark:] PWA + Service Worker + Offline.
- [:heavy_check_mark:] Tailwindcss + Postcss + SCSS Syntax Support in Postcss.
- [:heavy_check_mark:] Global Style and Variable preconfigured for Postcss.
- [:heavy_check_mark:] StorybookJS preconfigured (with postcss support).
- [:heavy_check_mark:] Browser sync, auto refresh, auto reload.
- [:heavy_check_mark:] 100% on Google Speedpage and 100% Lighthouse report.
- [:heavy_check_mark:] Friendly and Scalable boilerplate.
- [:heavy_check_mark:] Typescript + TSPaths (absolute for imports in component) preconfigured.
- [:heavy_check_mark:] Prettiers, ESLint, and Husky preconfigured.
- [:heavy_check_mark:] Github and Vscode dotfiles preconfigured.
## :hammer: Project Setup
1. `npx degit navneetsharmaui/sveltekit-starter my-app` or Clone this repository.
2. `npm install` or `yarn install` or `pnpm install`.
3. `npm run dev` or `yarn run dev` or `pnpm run dev`.
4. `npm run build:static:ssr` or `yarn run build:static:ssr` or `pnpm run build:static:ssr`.
5. `npm run preview` or `yarn run preview` or `pnpm run preview`.
## 💫 License
- Code and Contributions have **MIT License**
*Copyright (c) 2021 [Navneet Sharma]( ([@asnavneetsharma](*