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William Woodruff 870fc68915 no commit msg 4 years ago
Combot Bot - Fixed issue where AllowedMessageTypes was not being filtered for a command. (Whoops?) 4 years ago
Console Interface Bot - Added logging command to send output to interface. 4 years ago
IRCServices Fixed issue where a single word longer than max message would create stack overflow (infinite recursion). 4 years ago
Interface Added missing handlers to the interface. 4 years ago
Modules Quotes - added two functions to possibly handle all randomness inside sql. 4 years ago
.gitattributes Initial Commit of Combot Source 5 years ago
.gitignore Added to git ignore 4 years ago
Bot.ico Added message parsing. Added Message events. Added basic interface. Separated core services into separate modules. 5 years ago
Combot.Servers.config Added default Combot.Servers.config 5 years ago
Combot.sln Added BSD-3 License. 4 years ago
Database.sql Updated database to remove auto-increment and add default values for nickinfo. 4 years ago
License.txt Added BSD-3 License. 4 years ago
Module Changed file format for config files to .json 4 years ago
ModuleTemplate.DotSettings Added Search module with google search. 5 years ago
NextVersion.txt Added basic console app for those who do not want a GUI. 5 years ago Fixed unable to ban/kick someone that isn't in the channel if you have access. 4 years ago