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qt: English translation update

Wladimir J. van der Laan 6 years ago
2 changed files with 286 additions and 209 deletions
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@@ -40,6 +40,9 @@ QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", ""
"be solved instantly. This is intended for regression testing tools and app "
QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", ""
"Enter regression test mode, which uses a special chain in which blocks can "
"be solved instantly."),
QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", ""
"Error: The transaction was rejected! This might happen if some of the coins "
"in your wallet were already spent, such as if you used a copy of wallet.dat "
"and coins were spent in the copy but not marked as spent here."),
@@ -119,6 +122,7 @@ QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "Connect to JSON-RPC on <port> (default: 8332
QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "Connect to a node to retrieve peer addresses, and disconnect"),
QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "Corrupted block database detected"),
QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "Discover own IP address (default: 1 when listening and no -externalip)"),
QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "Do not load the wallet and disable wallet RPC calls"),
QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "Do you want to rebuild the block database now?"),
QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "Done loading"),
QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "Error initializing block database"),
@@ -185,7 +189,6 @@ QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "Select SOCKS version for -proxy (4 or 5, defa
QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "Send command to Bitcoin server"),
QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "Send commands to node running on <ip> (default:"),
QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "Send trace/debug info to console instead of debug.log file"),
QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "Send trace/debug info to debugger"),
QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "Server certificate file (default: server.cert)"),
QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "Server private key (default: server.pem)"),
QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "Set database cache size in megabytes (default: 25)"),
@@ -204,6 +207,7 @@ QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "Specify your own public address"),
QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "Start Bitcoin server"),
QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "System error: "),
QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "This help message"),
QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "This is intended for regression testing tools and app development."),
QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "Threshold for disconnecting misbehaving peers (default: 100)"),
QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "To use the %s option"),
QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "Transaction amount too small"),
@@ -225,6 +229,7 @@ QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "Verifying wallet..."),
QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "Wait for RPC server to start"),
QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "Wallet %s resides outside data directory %s"),
QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "Wallet needed to be rewritten: restart Bitcoin to complete"),
QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "Wallet options:"),
QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "Warning"),
QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "Warning: Deprecated argument -debugnet ignored, use -debug=net"),
QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("bitcoin-core", "Warning: This version is obsolete, upgrade required!"),

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