simple program to rename movie files, info grabbed from and
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Install / how to

Very simple rename program.

Clone repository.

Install nodejs from

run npm install inside project folder.

after installing dependencies, go to node_modules/omdb/ and replace index.js with this file:

the original module creator won’t update it, this is an updated version. // will not work without doing this!

Create folder ‘rename’ within this project folder.

Move movie file into the rename folder, rename it ‘rename’ as well (with extension).

node index.js imdbid // Shawshank Redemption: ‘tt0111161’ is the id

it will rename the folder ‘Movie (year)’, inside the folder will contain poster.jpg, highest quality available from, an omdb.txt file with the complete json from, and will rename the movie file to ‘Movie (year).ext’.


regex / file detection instead of having to rename it. input folder location/name instead of hardcoded/renaming it. clean up code and better error handling.