Deezloader Remix built for android in apk form, no need for nodejs in termux.
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Deezloader For Android

Node.js Mobile version currently used: 0.2.1 (update this whenever updating Node.js Mobile)

Deezloader Remix asset version: 8d0b6fa4c71a94efa877129c498b9c232fdf5442

Thanks to the power of the recent Node.js for Mobile Apps, I’m glad to present to you the adapted version of Deezloader for Android! Now you can forget about the Termux method to run this tool; just install the apk and you’re ready to go!

Telegram update notifications -

Telegram community (bug reports and interaction with other members) -


  • Same as the desktop version, but adapted for the small screens.

Downloads (Latest: 2.3.4)

  • Download the latest release from here

  • P.D: I don’t keep links to previous versions since it’s easier to have the latest version online for you)

How to build (prerequisite)

  • Download the latest version of nodeJS mobile
  • Copy the files from the .zip to the following path: “PROJECT_ROOT/app/libnode”
Minimum Android version: Android 5.0 Lollipop


In case there’s a crash in the app, a notification will be displayed. Open it and send it to this Telegram group to help improve the app.


Original Developer


Past Maintainers


No longer maintained by ZzMTV, ExtendLord, ParadoxalManiak, or snwflake


  • I am not responsible for the usage of this program by other people.
  • I do not recommend you doing this illegally or against Deezer’s terms of service.
  • This project is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.