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  1. #!/usr/bin/bash
  2. #count teknik mail for every maildir
  3. maildirtek="$HOME/Maildir/teknik/INBOX/new/"
  4. teknik="$(find $maildirtek -type f | wc -l)"
  5. #count new gmail for every maildir
  6. maildirgmail="$HOME/Maildir/gmail/INBOX/new/"
  7. gmail="$(find $maildirgmail -type f | wc -l)"
  8. export DISPLAY=:0; export XAUTHORITY=~/.Xauthority;
  9. notify-send -t 5000 -i /home/shaggy/bin/icons/smileicon.png -a "New Mail" "Gmail: $gmail Teknik: $teknik"