119 Commits (82857b74c3c3635d88bd5fdc42c81e2c13899946)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  suhrke 76a1a03b01 [minor] #endif moved to correct line 3 years ago
  suhrke e406ca7af8 Printer now compiles in linux, sections marked !!! need second look 3 years ago
  suhrke 547668bc3e Fileproc made more portable, Bitmap include in Decoder fixed 3 years ago
   006d419c44 Printer (write bitmap functionality) compileable on gcc 3 years ago
  suhrke 9d4ee8e366 bitmap functions from Scanner added to Decoder 3 years ago
  suhrke eabc200594 moved Filetimetotext() to Global, changed windows to linux line endings 3 years ago
  suhrke 24eca5917e Decoder compiles 3 years ago
  suhrke 07fb761c61 [minor] different fproc struct for win and nix 3 years ago
  suhrke faff9f57cd Fileproc added, minor additions to Global 3 years ago
   4f571e0d11 Fixed compilation error (on windows) 3 years ago
   42966eb9d5 Added placeholders for original GUI functions 3 years ago
  suhrke d114bdb422 added options and os-specific defines 3 years ago
  suhrke 9e96b69bff Added portions of paperbak.h to Global.h 3 years ago
  suhrke 28097af89b Compress compiles to .o, memory alignment issues in Global.h 3 years ago
   2fd81acd22 Fixed conflict with variable name 3 years ago
   108b45e5ac Addressed variable declaration conflict with 'index' 3 years ago
   ad52c27d67 Separated Crc16 define from paperbak.h & confirmed compileability 3 years ago
   41a5acf8e5 Sorted original files 3 years ago
   ff92bf024c Initial commit of original program 3 years ago