LoL Philippines forums CSS modifications
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LoL Philippines Forums CSS modifications

Basic modifications to the newly-launched Garena LoLPH forums. Currently, a CSS userstyle is only available, and will be updated from time to time.


Home page



Applied modifications

  • Changed background image (BG image from Riot LoL Boards)
  • Changed base thread/reply colors
  • Changed button colors (like/dislike, quick reply)
  • Changed colors on several elements (active sidebar links, “Sticky” text color)
  • Moved and shrinked the logo a bit
  • Moved the create post/reply button closer to the right to prevent obstructions
  • Fixed URL input height at create post/reply window
  • Added word wrapping and max height in reply contents container (both in reply and create reply window)
  • Removed “Today’s Topic” feature
  • Removed drop shadow and highlight color on create post/reply button

Usage instructions

In order to use this userstyle, install Stylish (Firefox, Chrome/Chromium, Opera) for your browser, then create a new userstyle by clicking on the extension’s icon, then click the three dot menu. Click Add New Style, then copy-paste the CSS code in the text box, then select URLs on the domain on the Applies to area below the text box, then add the url Name your style and save.