552 Incheckningar (master)

Upphovsman SHA1 Meddelande Datum
  Teknikode bb933c5ff1 Updated mail server help to include new ports 3 år sedan
  Teknikode a1606c8662 Updated markdown helper to use Extra mode 3 år sedan
  Teknikode a46a63e3ca Added hexchat addons to the tools help page 3 år sedan
  Teknikode 7db112df5e Fixed bad references 3 år sedan
  Teknikode 64a48d2ddd Added MIME magic number filetype finder 3 år sedan
  Teknikode a8b601a7a9 Converted Settings/Set Password to use viewmodels to allow html in passwords. 3 år sedan
  Teknikode 50bca7a07d Modified solution 3 år sedan
  Teknikode 0208e956e7 Removed battle for the net notice 3 år sedan
  Teknikode 2f66559efa Updated TOS 3 år sedan
  Teknikode a1cb160520 Added Net Neutrality message. 3 år sedan
  Teknikode afa4394052 Changed upload to bypass loading of blob if we aren't encrypting client side. 3 år sedan
  Teknikode 55bf97fe53 Fixed issue where exception from user info was stopping showing results in admin search. 3 år sedan
  Teknikode 0eb299ad88 Modified cache/CSP to temp disable it. 3 år sedan
  Teknikode fc0ee9f673 Fixed Aes128CFB not correctly padding the text for encryption/decryption 3 år sedan
  Teknikode e89e62f248 Fixed checking for git user existing being opposite 3 år sedan
  Teknikode 6a43258809 Modified key 3 år sedan
  Teknikode 181e20d86c - Added AES 128 CFB encrypt/decrypt with IV padding. 3 år sedan
  Teknikode 8561e6f6de - Fixed errors with podcast comments. 3 år sedan
  Teknikode 86fe419389 Fixed multiple crypto bugs. 3 år sedan
  Teknikode a9aff56a27 Modified READEME and set tab indent to 2 spaces 3 år sedan
  Teknikode 72fa1ff967 Changed visitor chart to always be zeroed at 0. 3 år sedan
  Teknikode b642f01246 - Added user helper function to change the account type for a given user. 3 år sedan
  Teknikode 060c7fda80 Fixed shortened URLs in profile history not being the correct links 3 år sedan
  Teknikode 0a897b94aa Weird Checkin 3 år sedan
  Teknikode 08f9535092 Broke out File Upload javascript functions more. Also changed download CSP to allow self. 3 år sedan
  Teknikode 771687b2b0 Added X-XSS-Protection header 3 år sedan
  Teknikode dd117b31ab Added preload for HSTS 3 år sedan
  Teknikode f95dd1f190 Fixed two factor being submitted incorrectly due to enter key. Fixes issue #52 3 år sedan
  Teknikode e7f3970bd4 Removed applicationHost section from web config 3 år sedan
  Teknikode 026d3d6ce3 Added minBytesPerSecond to teknik web config 3 år sedan
  Teknikode 7070128efb - Added better cache check for downloads. 3 år sedan
  Teknikode b0c98f2e8a Added range support for Podcasts 3 år sedan
  Teknikode ba4c3030ff Fixed NotFound method not logging correct info/returning 404 status 3 år sedan
  Teknikode a69369e813 Fixed bad help info on auth header 3 år sedan
  Teknikode 0badc6b3f9 Fixed missing reference on profile page 3 år sedan
  Teknikode 656693e0c6 - Removed Inferno crypto library 3 år sedan
  Teknikode 366ad08e83 Reworked CSP policy for downloads 3 år sedan
  Teknikode a9968e8f87 Added content security policy for uploads 3 år sedan
  Teknikode dc66ed77bc Added exception handler to response helper 3 år sedan
  Teknikode b207346fe0 Updated newtonsoft across the board to a single version 3 år sedan
  Teknikode cfa226fa6a Finalized new AES cipher wrapper and removed old instance. 3 år sedan
  Teknikode 72e5f4b62e Made AesStream handle syncing with the counter of the cipher. 3 år sedan
  Teknikode 38bcfd9fc1 Created new AES CTR wrapper to allow specifying the counter manually 3 år sedan
  Teknikode 1485126096 Revert "- Added a small workaround to possibly support specific block decryption - updated newtonsoft" 3 år sedan
  Teknikode 6fbc187e9c - Added a small workaround to possibly support specific block decryption 3 år sedan
  Teknikode 3bef7915dd Adding some handling of block offsets for in place encryption/decryption 3 år sedan
  Teknikode 3490104980 Added range support again. 3 år sedan
  Teknikode 6a1222a667 Added proper 404 response 3 år sedan
  Teknikode 19b6564ccd Small mods to download function 3 år sedan
  Teknikode e163e0ca8c - Moved TeknikEntities from global field to disposed local instances. 3 år sedan