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  ojizero 01c9ea7079 update env var used goreleaser 7 months ago
  ojizero 55e1b6b5b2 remove unneeded steps causing breakage in goreleaser 7 months ago
  ojizero 711311ae25 added tests badge 7 months ago
  ojizero 8529638ee7 update github workflows 7 months ago
  ojizero 5f98ec040a add goreleaser package 7 months ago
  ojizero 74d30d05c6 add basic CLI for package 7 months ago
  Ameer A a6238524a7
Update README.md 10 months ago
  ojizero 4d75c8284b correctly return error if it's from Getwd 10 months ago
  ojizero 3f0d951668 use current working directory instead of '.' 11 months ago
  ojizero 28b18e388a fixed API making it reasonable :D 11 months ago
  Ameer A 83fc3e5b42
corrected anem of release job 11 months ago
  ojizero 1ec2869b66 Initial release 11 months ago