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due to too heavy cheating are goes on in each/every tournaments , I’ll had to make my own rules already!

  1. a users with A google chrome web-browser/Chromium based browsers are no longer allowed to them to joining at my own tournaments because this browser is well-known for cheating purpose
  2. [ so consider to use the Firefox web browser from now on or use Internet explore / Microsoft Edge built-in-windows instead of Google’s chrome web-browser and Chromium based browsers ]
  3. I’ve always give a 10 minutes-free for the opponents to welcoming/say hi and hello to each other
  4. [for example: uselessly , most of tournament it will be at 20 GMT/PM night ]
  5. any VPN running/cheat is goes on will result to make you to be disqualified from my tournament right away (click on disqualified word to watch the video)
  6. a user takes too much time to playing for any reasons should be reported to me right after that of course
  7. while you are playing , do not switch to another tabs of your web-browsers/and even do not switch to any other web-browser’s whatsoever the reasons are ! keep yourself only on the Gamezer tab/on one web browser software only while you to play! * [the only things are allowed to switch to are Google translate and screensleap tab/websites]
  8. for now on , the Express mode is required to playing on any of my tournaments because it’s a good idea to play as fast as possible . * [ however , the opponents can ask whether the other opponent want to play with the Express mode or not]
  9. in case of any problem occurs during the tournament between any 2 opponents in the public chat or even within the game itself will then I will gave only 5 minutes to either solved their problems and to continues to playing their game at the tournament or one of them or both of them will no longer be allowed to playing of any kinda of the tournaments by me of course !
  10. users can asking for a screenleap sharing against the other opponent but on a request if both are agreed * [make sure to always on the top with the full screen mode while you to use the screenleap software and while you to play your game and don’t exit out of the full screen mode during the screen sharing session because you’ll lose your games right after to doing like action by that ugly way]
  11. [other sharing methods are not allowed! P.S only to use of the screenleap]
  12. any users is reach to final round and then he/she have to leave the tournament before it ENDING , will no longer be REWARD otherwise!
  13. using of any kinda of cursors plugin/mouse pointers tool or software are not allowed because it’s make the cheating even more easier * [BTW: use the original cursors/mouse pointers]

here’s a Basic rules below :

11. no spin , but users can asking if the other opponent want to play with the spin or not

12. 2games for all of my own tournaments as always

13. the single tournament it will be from 16 player/8tables only

14. for the single tournament the rewards mostly will be only for 2000 AP for each one

1St 🥇1000 AP🥇

2place 🥈500 AP🥈

3place 🥉500 AP🥉

15. the room that I will make my own tournament in it is the Germany room as everyone’s already know that

time and date of the tournament is by GMT only

`16. from now on I’m going to use my own

countdown clock for each/every tournaments to make the users know the Exactly time/date to start of the tournament`

Other requirement and rules here below :

  1. an activate and running AV on your system
  2. windows defender AV built-in-windows should be activate and up running if you do not have an AV already installed
  3. we’re going to either ask you to run your web browser software in the troubleshooting mode or check on your used-web-browser by this utility https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/web_browser_addons_view.html

read here for Firefox https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/troubleshoot-firefox-issues-using-safe-mode#w_how-to-start-firefox-in-safe-mode

**addition rule for bad behavior users**

  1. we’ve noticed that some bad users are to starts playing without our consideration to do-so-to playing even before we to started before the 10 minutes passed ! (such users will be blocked from my own tournaments right away and no further more , you may got banned from all others tournaments by other users)