10069 Commits (develop)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  XhmikosR d775fc7623 Merge branch 'master' after v1.7.13 release. 2 years ago
  XhmikosR e378268458 Merge branch 'release-1.7.13' 2 years ago
  XhmikosR d3afcfdad5 1.7.13. 2 years ago
  XhmikosR a63adfec2a Update LAV Filters to v0.70.2. 2 years ago
  XhmikosR 1b8a32a7a6 Merge branch 'master' after v1.7.12 release. 2 years ago
  XhmikosR 73813e5b7b Merge branch 'release-1.7.12' 2 years ago
  XhmikosR 7fae792e22 1.7.12. 2 years ago
  XhmikosR 0cfd403057 Update MediaInfoLib to v0.7.97. 2 years ago
  XhmikosR edffcd483f Update Little CMS to v2.8 (d41071e). 2 years ago
  XhmikosR f4bb1d2ca8 Update LAV Filters to 0.70.1. 2 years ago
  XhmikosR e048b391fa Update translations from Transifex. 2 years ago
  XhmikosR 9dddd1ec79 Update Unrar to v5.5.6. 2 years ago
  XhmikosR c1e3b5a89b Update translations from Transifex. 2 years ago
  ioannis 588498847f Add context menu option to copy subtitle or website URL to clipboard. 3 years ago
  ioannis ac90b41d75 Temporarily disable titlovi and ysubs subtitles providers until we decide to permanently remove them. 2 years ago
  XhmikosR dcd5390835 docs/Compilation.md: update for GCC 7.1.0. 2 years ago
  XhmikosR d888149db5 Fix Lite builds compilation broken after 323a2ac. 2 years ago
  XhmikosR 952923e343 Update Little CMS to v2.8 (d168300). 2 years ago
  XhmikosR f73674943b Update MediaInfoLib to v0.7.96. 2 years ago
  clsid2 2487150e51 Updated VSFilter blacklist. 2 years ago
  XhmikosR 8daacaaa7c Move old changelog entries to Changelog_old.txt. 2 years ago
  XhmikosR 05a49003c4 Update LAV Filters to v0.69-91-gfc7ea58d. 2 years ago
  XhmikosR cc2ea914a9 Update translations. 2 years ago
  XhmikosR a80e907903 Switch to SSE2. 2 years ago
  XhmikosR a2130b37db Update translations from Transifex. 2 years ago
  XhmikosR 3c9afe3eef Update some links to https. 2 years ago
  XhmikosR 19e287cc10 Update Unrar to v5.5.3. 2 years ago
  XhmikosR 6dae3abd41 Update LAV Filters to 0.69-77-gc3452dc2. 2 years ago
  XhmikosR 50f5761055 Update Little CMS to v2.8 (edf0be4). 2 years ago
  XhmikosR 0d0f011d39 Update ZenLib to v0.4.35. 2 years ago
  XhmikosR ce9d7526a4 Update MediaInfo to v0.7.95. 2 years ago
  XhmikosR e8bc15994a resource.h: remove unused `IDS_STRING944` define. 2 years ago
  XhmikosR 77b39a9d5a Update docs. 2 years ago
  XhmikosR 8980ca468c Convert the docs we don't distribute to Markdown. 2 years ago
  XhmikosR 8d4f2f4dc4 Minify toolbar.svg. 2 years ago
  Kacper Michajłow f6d4865e4e CPPageFileMediaInfo: Scale text to the system DPI. 2 years ago
  Kacper Michajłow bcdf20f1f6 Fixup for Switch MHook to MinHook commit. 2 years ago
  Blitzker 5826795e53 Add support for AssFilter DirectShow subtitle provider. 3 years ago
  Kacper Michajłow e95538afb8 Logger: Create output directory if doesn't exist. 2 years ago
  precla e7620faab6 ParseCommandLine: Ignore `/hwgpu` option if index hasn't been provided. 2 years ago
  kongfl888 2f00b0e1f6 Internal filters: enable Microsoft Video 1 support. 3 years ago
  Kacper Michajłow ef84997561 Enable Optimize Global Data compiler option. 2 years ago
  Kacper Michajłow 51a98279b7 CppSettings: Refactor huge CreateCommands function 2 years ago
  Kacper Michajłow d24881fc0e Mark arrays as const to move them to the .rdata section. 2 years ago
  Kacper Michajłow 11a263c1f4 ISOLang: Make languages array constant. 2 years ago
  Kacper Michajłow 58c5813b7e Remove make_array helper. MSVC has troubles to place such arrays in .rdata section. 2 years ago
  Kacper Michajłow 323a2acca3 Switch MHook to MinHook. 2 years ago
  Kacper Michajłow 76b15150b9 Merge branch 'master' after v1.7.11 release. 2 years ago
  Kacper Michajłow b989276ec2 Merge branch 'release-1.7.11' 2 years ago
  Kacper Michajłow ba2ea5d9e0 Update files for 1.7.11. 2 years ago