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  Fabian Winter 081fb8c23c Rename files for better visibility pirms 1 gada
  Fabian Winter b1307563a9 Update to emoji v12 🪐 pirms 1 gada
  Fabian Winter ec9b0b655b Update changelog pirms 1 gada
  Fabian Winter 2caf4479a0 Fix copying multiple emojis pirms 1 gada
  Fabian Winter 96dcd6be99 Show modified emoji when asking for skin tone pirms 1 gada
  Fabian Winter 45fa065b3c Introduce delay to xdotool pirms 1 gada
  Fabian Winter 566016d9d8 Small style fixes pirms 1 gada
  Fabian Winter bcb3997c19 Update readme and add changelog pirms 1 gada
  Fabian Winter ab768cf7c0 Add second skin color step to the emoji picker pirms 1 gada
  Fabian Winter 5d5043780f Also fetch and extract emojis with skin color support pirms 1 gada
  Fabian Winter ac938fc2de Reformat and restructure extractor pirms 1 gada
  Fabian Winter 31d91abafb Load emojis from official unicode site pirms 1 gada
  Fabian Winter 8c2278b29b Update dev dependencies pirms 1 gada
  Fabian Winter 48ebae5dff Add install instructions for Arch pirms 1 gada
  Fabian Winter 168c80e10c Fix typo pirms 1 gada
  Fabian Winter 71fa7b8189 Fix readme pirms 1 gada
  fdw ed5d18ffee
Merge pull request #4 from carnager/master pirms 1 gada
  Rasmus Steinke 21e4dd031d
Update readme.md pirms 1 gada
  Rasmus Steinke b60d3dc1ee
Update rofimoji.py pirms 1 gada
  Fabian Winter a84847f8ab Update license pirms 2 gadiem
  Fabian Winter be6f866541 Update emojis, again pirms 2 gadiem
  Fabian Winter 7a8448141e Automatically retry to fetch data pirms 2 gadiem
  Fabian Winter b17d5afe0d Fix empty line in rofi pirms 2 gadiem
  Fabian Winter df6a2d2ea1 More emojis 🧙 pirms 2 gadiem
  Fabian Winter 0536616c19 Add screenshot to readme pirms 2 gadiem
  Fabian Winter 75508b07a4 Update emojis 😸 pirms 2 gadiem
  Fabian Winter 0dbf456aa4 Add xsel dependency and improve readme pirms 2 gadiem
  fdw c5efdc33c4 Merge pull request #1 from puresick/master pirms 2 gadiem
  Daniel 7d3adf83da Added xdotool dependency note to readme pirms 2 gadiem
  Fabian Winter d01512b128 Add license pirms 2 gadiem
  Fabian Winter 82266e22ab Add Readme and requirements pirms 2 gadiem
  Fabian Winter b3ff62d269 Add emoji picker 😁 pirms 2 gadiem
  Fabian Winter 95072acb6e Add gitignore pirms 2 gadiem
  Fabian Winter 73da76065a Load emojis from emojipedia pirms 2 gadiem