485 Commits (d4d130ae558c10ebc69bb86d808dba87c4a00243)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Johnathan C Maudlin d4d130ae55
Switch to MIT 0-clause 2 years ago
  Johnathan C Maudlin 25fd291517
bashrc: actually check that shopt is available 2 years ago
  Johnathan C Maudlin 3b7ec79223
default.el: Organization and structure improvements 2 years ago
  Johnathan C Maudlin 1ae5827836 Create CNAME 2 years ago
  Johnathan C Maudlin c418aa452b Delete CNAME 2 years ago
  Johnathan C Maudlin e501d69766
gein.sh: update Source URL 2 years ago
  Johnathan C Maudlin fe4c98c34d
Update Readme.md 2 years ago
  Johnathan C Maudlin 9991023713 Update CNAME 2 years ago
  Johnathan C Maudlin 164c268ce5
package.use/global: Enable wayland for @gein-lxqt 2 years ago
  Johnathan C Maudlin fc79b343d5
package.use/local: Moving wayland to global 2 years ago
  Johnathan C Maudlin 697430a407
package.use/local: Fixes for @gein-lxqt 2 years ago
  Johnathan C Maudlin 0d8b39b326
srandr: fix error in example 2 years ago
  Johnathan C Maudlin 8eeaff0bad
package.use/global: remove pulseaudio 2 years ago
  Johnathan C Maudlin 562fc02c63
gein-i3wm: Remove mlocate; Add xrandr 2 years ago
  Johnathan C Maudlin dae573b3ac
gein-base: Trim base packages 2 years ago
  John 0d592b3d56
gein.sh: use sed on the correct file this time 2 years ago
  John a8e38c7a98
gein.sh: Update configuration files 2 years ago
  John 49021f040a
Readme.md: Explicitly state to mkfs 2 years ago
  John b1b5ab2db3
package.use/global: Re-comment desktop USE flags 2 years ago
  John ae8713ad19
Update and rename packages to local 2 years ago
  John 35dec96c41
Update and rename defaults to global 2 years ago
  John 54366c0939
profile: Remove OpenBSD artifacts 2 years ago
  John 7651be1aa8
make.conf: Section headers should be the same across files 2 years ago
  John 33c3f5585a
package.accept_keywords: Separate concerns 2 years ago
  jcmdln 171d81caa4 Various: LiveCD can be used if /mnt/gentoo is created before mounting 2 years ago
  jcmdln 0e81195e37 gein.sh: Create '/mnt/gentoo' if missing 2 years ago
  jcmdln b653c2e2d7 gein.sh: remove dependency on 'shopt' 2 years ago
  jcmdln 20107b40b8 gein.sh: 'read -e' not recognized on some LiveCD's 2 years ago
  jcmdln af81f7d092 packages: one missing USE flag for gccgo 2 years ago
  jcmdln c57cf86c47 srandr: add example config 2 years ago
  jcmdln 3a5b65329f profile: define TERM 2 years ago
  jcmdln e9cbda687c packages: remove duplicate USE flag; add gccgo 2 years ago
  jcmdln c88df973c1 portage/sets: update headers 2 years ago
  jcmdln e99f811360 gein.sh: fix typo 2 years ago
  John a679fc1ded
default.el: Stop annoying me 2 years ago
  John c216ab5a2f
default.el: How about not creating 200+ go-eldoc buffers when I'm trying to code 2 years ago
  John 355b320021
Rename emacs.el to default.el 2 years ago
  John 9c5dd1b555
emacs.el: Re-add custom-file and package-utils 2 years ago
  jcmdln 2fabee753a Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/jcmdln/gein 2 years ago
  jcmdln d57499aebf Various: Cleanup pass 2 years ago
  John f62dcba612
emace.el: remove requires from eww to stop silent fail 2 years ago
  John 63d361f2eb
emacs.el: demand a few things load 2 years ago
  John 6aa76bdf32
emacs.el: Reduce init time to ~1.5 seconds 2 years ago
  John 22ce103d7d
emacs.el: make better use of use-package and it's defer setting 2 years ago
  John f61ed6429f
emacs.el: Enable everything 2 years ago
  jcmdln 81fe12909e Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/jcmdln/gein 2 years ago
  jcmdln 92fac6bc9b portage: Resolve emerge 2 years ago
  John 04dc6016c4
emacs.el: add go-eldoc 2 years ago
  John c28b15a8dc
emacs.el: Add go-rename 2 years ago
  John 024db9a1a8
vimrc: Autoupdate vim-go stuff on start 2 years ago