55 Commits (3b1369e12e53305b5e73ae0e03edbf99aa7f9d26)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  jcmdln 3b1369e12e Partial rewrite; clarify status in Readme 1 year ago
  jcmdln 32064807bf gein.sh: Fix CONFIG() logic 1 year ago
  jcmdln bd913a0f3d gein.sh: Clarify on why provided kernel config is commented 1 year ago
  jcmdln 36ae1ca03e package.accept-keywords: Change from file to folder 1 year ago
  jcmdln 9a5744fa12 Minor cleanup of MINIMAL() 1 year ago
  jcmdln 0c47133b8d Remove non-standard configuration 1 year ago
  jcmdln 16d13fb026 Improve folder logic in CONFIG() 1 year ago
  Johnathan C Maudlin 5d9d30c5b8
gein.sh: Fix Stage3 download for x86; Cleanup 2 years ago
  Johnathan C Maudlin d640163681
gein.sh: Remove license blurb 2 years ago
  Johnathan C Maudlin e501d69766
gein.sh: update Source URL 2 years ago
  John 0d592b3d56
gein.sh: use sed on the correct file this time 2 years ago
  John a8e38c7a98
gein.sh: Update configuration files 2 years ago
  jcmdln 171d81caa4 Various: LiveCD can be used if /mnt/gentoo is created before mounting 2 years ago
  jcmdln 0e81195e37 gein.sh: Create '/mnt/gentoo' if missing 2 years ago
  jcmdln b653c2e2d7 gein.sh: remove dependency on 'shopt' 2 years ago
  jcmdln 20107b40b8 gein.sh: 'read -e' not recognized on some LiveCD's 2 years ago
  jcmdln e99f811360 gein.sh: fix typo 2 years ago
  jcmdln 12732346af gein.sh: Clarify desktop options 2 years ago
  jcmdln 22db773949 gein.sh: Update CONFIG() 2 years ago
  jcmdln e3ce6808e8 Update i3wm config to use srandr; add configs 2 years ago
  jcmdln 7f3d430a9e gein.sh: Don't allow VideoCards='false' & minimal||complete 2 years ago
  jcmdln c1ea526d23 Add display management script 'srandr.sh' 2 years ago
  jcmdln 0e062f7cc1 gein.sh: Advise to submit an issue if arch not found 2 years ago
  jcmdln c0c9c2379d gein.sh: Add support for various 32-bit x86 CPU's 2 years ago
  jcmdln 7c347e43e8 gein.sh: Use pre-built kernel config by default 2 years ago
  John 3a3fff4384
gein.sh: Fix typo 2 years ago
  John bab0a5d7c1
gein.sh: Forgot to change package set references; start consolekit automatically 2 years ago
  John 05d6a3c39c
gein.sh: forgot to include 'kbuild.sh' in CONFIG() 2 years ago
  jcmdln d97fbd599f Cleanup pass 2 years ago
  jcmdln 5221506192 Add configs back 2 years ago
  jcmdln 1e11dbdecb gein.sh: when -d, remove comments from package.use/defaults 2 years ago
  John f04a9c4c13
gein.sh: Cleanup pass 2 years ago
  John ae4994c0d7
gein.sh: hard-code ProfileFilter 2 years ago
  jcmdln 03e4f8d0ec gein.sh: Update config command; Formatting cleanup 2 years ago
  jcmdln 5c33ec0a48 Replace tabs with spaces 2 years ago
  jcmdln 13c0a273cb Move configuration to jcmdln/cfg for easier forking 2 years ago
  jcmdln 0ef2e5078b gein.sh: Rework structure and comments 2 years ago
  jcmdln 1a307a7b6d gein.sh: fix package.use creation 2 years ago
  jcmdln 7a3af7994f Cleanup pass 2 years ago
  jcmdln 1595dec611 Cleanup pass 2 years ago
  jcmdln 624fd60c86 gein.sh: Readability tweaks 2 years ago
  jcmdln 256c37a4ad gein.sh: Fix user creation 2 years ago
  jcmdln 85e025107d gein.sh: Cleanup pass & fix adding userland configurations 2 years ago
  jcmdln 86e978f52d gein.sh: Cleanup pass 2 years ago
  jcmdln d2017572fd gein.sh: Fix typo when creating portage sets folder 2 years ago
  jcmdln 89ec91f3dd gein.sh: Automatically set locale 2 years ago
  jcmdln 57b7561c22 gein.sh: Cleanup pass 2 years ago
  jcmdln 8e539b431b gein.sh: replace '! -z' with '-n' 2 years ago
  jcmdln ff242fe88b gein.sh: quote all variables 2 years ago
  jcmdln 62341e524f cleanup 2 years ago