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AzrynOS is a Linux distribution that uses Gentoo to provide an i3wm desktop.
You may install a basic Gentoo system and proceed to installing the complete
version of AzrynOS if desired:
`AzrynOS` is a Linux-based distribution using Gentoo and i3wm. The
primary goal is to automate the installation of my own ideal Gentoo
setup though the current design allows for others to fork or submit PR's
should it be desired. Keep in mind that this project is NOT a
replacement for reading the Gentoo Handbook. Sabayon tries to do this
and I don't want to repeat this line of thinking.

I'm aware that Gentoo is a highly personal system and much of what I've
added may be undesired. Despite this I think that this project may serve
as a subjectively decent example of getting started with Gentoo.

The installation process is handled in four steps as shown in the output
of the `azryn` script:
# Run the following from a Gentoo LiveCD
$ wget -q -O /mnt/gentoo/azryn
@@ -16,29 +25,26 @@ Run in the order listed:
cleanup Remove junk created during install

If you want to fork this script or start with a basic Gentoo
installation, simply stop after running the `minimal` pass and do as you
wish. The `azryn` script is meant to be modular and allow configuration,
so if you notice any issues please feel free to submit a PR.

## Warnings
- AzrynOS is not production-ready, proceed with caution.
- This installation relies on the Gentoo Live CD
- In the future, there will be a custom Live CD and/or USB image.
- There is no automatic partitioning process, you will need to manually
partition your disks and mounting them before proceeding.
- Later this will be slightly improved by using partition labels.
- Read the entire script and thumb through the configuration files.
- Some environment variables at the top of the script will need to be
modified. Read the Gentoo Handbook for your intended architecture if
anything is unclear.
- You must manually partition and mount your disks.
- Consult your Gentoo Handbook.

## FAQ
- How much about Gentoo will I need to know to use AzrynOS?
- If you have a little bit of Linux experience and can read shell scripts
along with documentation it should be fairly straightforward.
- How long does this take to install?
- About 1-4 hours for the minimal install depending on the hardware it's
being installed to, and expect to spend 4-24 hours for the complete
- I keep getting boot failures after installing in a VirtualBox VM?
- Yea... You have to remove the virtual optical drive from the boot order
manually in the settings of your VM. Afterwards it should work without
- "How much about Gentoo will I need to know to use AzrynOS?"
- I would suggest reading the Gentoo Handbook and every file in this
project before proceeding.
- "How long does this take to install?"
- About 1 to 4 hours for the minimal install.
- Most time-consuming packages are GCC 6.4 and Linux.
- About 4 to 24 hours for the complete installation.
- Most time-consuming packages are Mesa and Chromium.
- "I keep getting boot failures after installing in a VirtualBox VM?"
- Remove the virtual disk drive from the boot order and restart.