Gentoo installation script
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  1. `gein` is a script for bootstrapping Gentoo onto a target device capable
  2. of booting any live environment. While using the official Gentoo
  3. installation media is preferred, the installation should also be
  4. possible from any Fedora, Ubuntu, or other LiveCD.
  5. `gein` is currently being re-written and should be considered unusable
  6. until this sentence is no longer present in this file. Comments and
  7. documentation are _not_ to be trusted.
  8. ## License
  9. `gein` uses a 0-clause MIT license. Feel free to use the contents of
  10. this repository how you desire.
  11. ## Contributing
  12. I'm very interested in feedback regarding the contents of this repo. If
  13. you have any feedback, suggestions, or contributions please file an
  14. issue or pull request.
  15. ### Goals
  16. * Define a concise set of Portage configuration files
  17. * Support more architectures out-of-the-box
  18. * Create a script to build a QEMU/KVM image