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A large-scale project that started out as a small concept teased on a Discord server.


.4 (2016-09-05)

Added a basic player that you can control with the arrow keys

Switched hosting from JSFiddle to my own website

Added a framerate lock

Separated the code from the HTML file

Cleaned up the code for easy reading

.3 (2016-08-29)

Hid things that don’t work yet

Linked to this forum thread

Added version number under the title

Added variables to recognize keystrokes instead of wiring the keystrokes directly to the indicators

Changed the game window to the body to fix issues involving positioning and background color

Added a div to represent the player when I actually code it in

.2 (2016-08-21)

Changed font to monospace.

Added “+” button for adding in a custom character.

Changed positions to make it look more accurate.

Made the bouncing text animation smoother.


Added jQuery to recognize keyboard input.

Added indicators for each key to be used in the game.

.1 (2016-08-20)

Added title screen.

Added “Reset Language” option.