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  Ivan Bravo Bravo cb00fb7faa - Improvement: It is now possible to update some components using alternative protocols to HTTP such as IPFS and Torrent, this allows users with unstable or slow connections to download big updates more reliably and avoid errors during installation. 7ヶ月前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 892eed5e08 - Improvement: "read-only" custom masks now show the "generate" button with a tooltip indicating that the next mask should be used. 8ヶ月前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 05ab047211 - Minor improvements to the design. 8ヶ月前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo e6fa2434c1 - Added: Location tooltip for folders. 8ヶ月前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo a90f320bc0 - Moved: Alerts from the Alerts center into the application settings. 8ヶ月前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 1ea7224cb4 Fixed: Update notifications when the component has not been installed yet. 8ヶ月前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 00980117f0 Fixed: Crash caused by a problem loading the application icon. 8ヶ月前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 85347f0380 - Fixed: Videos don't open preview on click in photos page. 9ヶ月前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo fd54dadfc9 Fix: Help Lesson local link. 9ヶ月前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 6cf7714221 A lot of changes. 9ヶ月前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 3c2edfb33f A lot of changes. 9ヶ月前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo e8042849dc Some bug fixes and QoL updates. 10ヶ月前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo c7e3bf8402 Some changes 11ヶ月前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 2aaa3765d9 A lot of unstable design and internal changes. 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo e18d538e0b 🎉 v1.4.4 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 35161450e9 🎉 v1.4.3 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo b75d16c984 - New uploader look. 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 87821bf56d Editor fixes. 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 8e8814c594 1 line disaster fix. File name fix. 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 785ef1dbfa 🎉 v1.4.0 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo ad1255395d Several bugfixes. 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 0f71481109 About improvements. 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo e90fad2c4c Queue redone, minor improvements and optimized startup. 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 544b85f9f5 Improvements and fixes for queue. 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 1fcbe5fcc9 Change version to v1.3.2 😓 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 89bfbeb3ec A lot of improvements. 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 0e0117d3c5 bad time. 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 85e8ae87e2 Much better telemetry code, some design improvements and bugfixes. 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 2d0174f169 Code improvements, optimizations and more QoL. 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo dd810706d0 Some code refactoring and logrocket implementation. 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo e7c958a8a1 Optimization and more bug fixes. 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo e89661b1d5 purgeCSS fix. 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 0cdd3ddd49 Mask editor and fixes 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo b26040c0f8 Some optimizations and tests 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo ccd280773d Fixes and QoL improvements. 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 2878fa35dd v1.2.0 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo c79a4d0383 v1.2.0 progress 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 6a2e8ba79e More code refactoring! 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 212d8e80cd More code refactoring! 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo e3c3c151a5 More code refactoring and performance improvements. 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 9fe79f333e Build & Electron refactoring. 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 0628949a29 Electron scripts refactoring 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 7366d39a44 Build refactoring 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 9cd7f977d0 Some minor changes and fix for DreamPower version detection. 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 18ac4499e6 Design improvements, DreamPower v1.2.2 and new features. 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 82ce84f72f Some fixes for v1.1.1 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 450b3adb9f v1.1.1 hotfix 1年前
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 2ed11fb5c9 Important fixes and design changes. 1年前
  DreamNet fc09024298 Release script and CI fixes 1年前
  DreamNet 82a56f0e48 Some development fixes 1年前