2 Commits (2ed11fb5c954b88e938a2f583a4c835f7193a53d)

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  Ivan Bravo Bravo 2ed11fb5c9 Important fixes and design changes. 1 year ago
  Ivan Bravo Bravo aa9fe751d4 - v1.0.0 RC3 1 year ago
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 6b1b17a20e - v1.0.0 release candidate 1 year ago
  Iván Bravo Bravo 65a0d9aa2a - About page renewed. More attractive to read with important links and notifications for updates. 1 year ago
  Iván Bravo Bravo 7fe842870f - Some important changes for the next version 1 year ago
  DeepMan 92df8e8d28 improvements in the user interface design, improvements in the handling of errors, experimental implementation of CLI with multi gpu support, test version for the CI 1 year ago