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  Ivan Bravo Bravo bda736aa34 Fixed: New update notifications on homepage don't open the updater on click. 2 months ago
  Ivan Bravo Bravo cb00fb7faa - Improvement: It is now possible to update some components using alternative protocols to HTTP such as IPFS and Torrent, this allows users with unstable or slow connections to download big updates more reliably and avoid errors during installation. 3 months ago
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 05ab047211 - Minor improvements to the design. 3 months ago
  Ivan Bravo Bravo a90f320bc0 - Moved: Alerts from the Alerts center into the application settings. 4 months ago
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 6cf7714221 A lot of changes. 4 months ago
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 3c2edfb33f A lot of changes. 5 months ago