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# DreamTime

DreamTime allows you to use the power of your CPU or GPU to transform photos that give you free entertainment, something that in the past you could only dream...

DreamTime offers a version in CLI (Command Line Interface) and one in GUI (Graphical User Interface):

- The CLI version allows you to transform photos using commands, with this you can create automated systems such as _bots, web pages or even a new GUI_. Use the argument `--help` to get more information about usage, keep in mind that the CLI by itself **does not have** a cropping system so you will have to manually resize your photos to 512x512

- The GUI version is a new friendly interface that includes a cropping system, so you only have to tell the program which photo you want to transform and you will get results in a few clicks.
DreamTime is a friendly user interface that allows you to use [DreamPower]( to transform photos of people into free and **private** entertainment, something that in the past you could only dream of...

## Community

Join the community of people who use the project either for entertainment or development purposes, you can get valuable help or create interesting discussions to improve the future of DreamTime:
Join the social networks of DreamNet, the community interested in developing this technology. You can also join just to talk about anything, make friends or get help:

- [Discord](
- [Keybase]( (Our primary communication channel, here you will find the developers)
- [Twitter](
- [Facebook Group](
- [Discord]( :)

## Support

Developing an application like DreamTime takes time! Any help is welcome:
Developing DreamNet applications is time consuming! Help us accelerate development and offer better updates!



- **If you are a developer:** Consider making a fork of the project and make PR of any improvement you can do, also join our server in [Discord]( where we have channels exclusively for development.

## Source Code

The source code of DreamTime will always remain open and you can always download it for free!
This technology was going to arrive sooner or later and we want to keep it open and free for everyone. Help us in our goal of developing more applications with this technology and bringing it to every possible taste.

- [GitHub](
- [NotABug](
- [GitGud](

Remember that you can follow the project or make a fork and create your own version! Read the [LICENSE]( for more information.

# Alpha


We have had great progress during the last week in alpha, however from time to time users have reported problems in very specific conditions that we still do not understand.

Join the Discord server for help.
If you want to share or modify this Software please do it for the same purpose as we do and always release the source code of your modifications. Read the [LICENSE](LICENSE) for more information.


# 💜 Binaries


## Requirements

- 64 bits OS
- Windows 10 1803+
- Windows 8
- Windows 7 SP1
- Windows 7 SP1/Windows 8/Windows 10 1803+
- Ubuntu 16.04+
- **8 GB** of RAM or more.

@@ -64,33 +48,18 @@ Join the Discord server for help.

## GPU Processing Requirements

> 👉 If you do not have an NVIDIA or compatible graphics card you can use CPU processing.

- NVIDIA Graphics card with CUDA compatibility
- [Latest NVIDIA drivers](

## Download

Download DreamTime is very easy! 2 files and you are ready. _(Get ready to download ~3GB)_

- [CLI & GUI]( The command line interface (CLI) and the graphical user interface (GUI), here you will find everything you need, just download the .zip file that fits your operating system.
- 👉 [Checkpoints]( This is the information that the transformation algorithm **requires**, if you do not have this file the application will not work. You only need to download it once, if you update DreamTime use this same file for checkpoints. (unless we tell you otherwise)
> 👉 If you do not have an NVIDIA or compatible graphics card you can use CPU processing.

## Download Mirrors
## Download

- [CLI & GUI (MEGA)](
- [CLI & GUI (MediaFire)](
- [Checkpoints (MEGA)](
- [Checkpoints (MediaFire)](
_Work In Progress_

## Installation

- Create a folder on your computer, it can be anywhere you want it, call it `DreamTime` and inside it place the 2 zip files you have downloaded.
- Extract the file that contains the CLI and the GUI, this should generate 2 folders: one called `cli` and another one called `gui`
- Extract the other file `` and move the extracted folder `checkpoints` inside `cli`.
- Ready! Now you can run `gui/DreamTime.exe` and transform all the photos you want. If you want to use the command line interface run the `cli/cli.exe` file from a console.

> ℹ When you update DreamTime it will only be necessary to download the file that contains the `CLI & GUI`, you can reuse the checkpoints (unless we tell you otherwise)
_Work In Progress_

## F.A.Q.

@@ -98,28 +67,6 @@ Download DreamTime is very easy! 2 files and you are ready. _(Get ready to downl

A: For now the GUI needs to create a local server on your computer to render the interface of the program, basically the GUI is a web browser. Yes I am aware that this method is "retarded" but it is temporary. No, it's not a virus, a botnet or anything like that, I'm not interested in your photos or your files.

**Q: When I open the program, only a white page appears!**

A: This can be caused by some program that interrupts the connection between the GUI and the interface server (see the question above), a VPN, Firewall or Antivirus can be the reason.


# About the Author

I am a web developer who found this application interesting and I could not resist making it as accessible as possible to the world.

I know that the project is not ethical and can generate unwanted results for many people, but the truth is that I am a lover of black humor, satire and I believe that anyone can do what they want, not all are equal and there will be people who give them a private or important use to this project.

I suggest everyone use DreamTime only for private entertainment purposes, I advise against using it with malicious motives such as hurting people as this will also hurt the community interested in developing this project more thoroughly.

The source code of this project must be open and free forever.

Email: `deepmanyy[at]`

4chan: `!!ZOXIOrD0Ory`

Discord: `DeepManYY#5508`


# 💻 Development > 🚧 Area only for developers!

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stream.on('data', chunk => {

if (contentLength > 0) {
const progress = output.bytesWritten / contentLength

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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
import randomstring from 'randomstring'
import _ from 'lodash'
import moment from 'moment'
import File from '../file'
import Timer from '../timer'
@@ -75,9 +75,13 @@ export default class PhotoJob {
getFileName() {
const now = moment().unix()

return `${}-${
// Original name normalized to avoid problems
const originalName = _.truncate(
{ length: 30, omission: '' }

return `${originalName}-${}-${now}-dreamtime.png`


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const RollbarSourceMapPlugin = require('rollbar-sourcemap-webpack-plugin')

module.exports = {
@@ -133,6 +132,7 @@ module.exports = {
config.devtool = isClient ? 'source-map' : 'inline-source-map'

if (!isDev) {
// const RollbarSourceMapPlugin = require('rollbar-sourcemap-webpack-plugin')
new RollbarSourceMapPlugin({