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Tomb Raider The Last Revelation (Repack) - DCRES.nfo 3.2KB

  1. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. D::::::::::::DDD CCC::::::::::::CR::::::::::::::::R
  4. D:::::::::::::::DD CC:::::::::::::::CR::::::RRRRRR:::::R
  5. DDD:::::DDDDD:::::D C:::::CCCCCCCC::::CRR:::::R R:::::R
  6. D:::::D D:::::D C:::::C CCCCCC R::::R R:::::R eeeeeeeeeeee ssssssssss
  7. D:::::D D:::::DC:::::C R::::R R:::::R ee::::::::::::ee ss::::::::::s
  8. D:::::D D:::::DC:::::C R::::RRRRRR:::::R e::::::eeeee:::::eess:::::::::::::s
  9. D:::::D D:::::DC:::::C R:::::::::::::RR e::::::e e:::::es::::::ssss:::::s
  10. D:::::D D:::::DC:::::C R::::RRRRRR:::::R e:::::::eeeee::::::e s:::::s ssssss
  11. D:::::D D:::::DC:::::C R::::R R:::::Re:::::::::::::::::e s::::::s
  12. D:::::D D:::::DC:::::C R::::R R:::::Re::::::eeeeeeeeeee s::::::s
  13. D:::::D D:::::D C:::::C CCCCCC R::::R R:::::Re:::::::e ssssss s:::::s
  14. DDD:::::DDDDD:::::D C:::::CCCCCCCC::::CRR:::::R R:::::Re::::::::e s:::::ssss::::::s
  15. D:::::::::::::::DD CC:::::::::::::::CR::::::R R:::::R e::::::::eeeeeeee s::::::::::::::s
  16. D::::::::::::DDD CCC::::::::::::CR::::::R R:::::R ee:::::::::::::e s:::::::::::ss
  18. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  19. ===================================================================================================
  20. Dreamcast Resurrection - 2009 (since 2008)
  21. ===================================================================================================
  22. Check for more releases at these forums:
  23. snesorama.us (all releases)
  24. segahub.org (recent releases)
  25. dreamcast-talk.com (recent releases)
  26. ===================================================================================================
  27. --------------------------------------------------
  28. Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation (NTSC-U) *Repack*
  29. --------------------------------------------------
  30. Ripped: Nothing.
  31. Downsampled: Videos.
  32. Source: GD dump.
  33. I repacked this game because I made my first release long time ago, when I didn't have so much
  34. experience working on Dreamcast as I have now. Improvements are present in video, that has
  35. untouched audio and video downsampled using VBR, so quality loss didn't got that big. Additionally,
  36. I have optimized file order better than last time, so loading times and reader's movement must be
  37. better. Enjoy.
  38. Features of my release:
  39. - Not corrupted files at all, it was made with GD dump files.
  40. - Used custom file order based on GD's. It means faster loadings and less Dreamcast reader noise.
  41. - Selfboot.
  42. About the game:
  43. - It has VGA Box support.
  44. Other comments:
  45. - "Extras" folder in the pack contains some useless stuff.
  46. - Release comes with manual and covers.