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Tomb Raider Chronicles - DCRES.nfo 4.1KB

  1. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. D::::::::::::DDD CCC::::::::::::CR::::::::::::::::R
  4. D:::::::::::::::DD CC:::::::::::::::CR::::::RRRRRR:::::R
  5. DDD:::::DDDDD:::::D C:::::CCCCCCCC::::CRR:::::R R:::::R
  6. D:::::D D:::::D C:::::C CCCCCC R::::R R:::::R eeeeeeeeeeee ssssssssss
  7. D:::::D D:::::DC:::::C R::::R R:::::R ee::::::::::::ee ss::::::::::s
  8. D:::::D D:::::DC:::::C R::::RRRRRR:::::R e::::::eeeee:::::eess:::::::::::::s
  9. D:::::D D:::::DC:::::C R:::::::::::::RR e::::::e e:::::es::::::ssss:::::s
  10. D:::::D D:::::DC:::::C R::::RRRRRR:::::R e:::::::eeeee::::::e s:::::s ssssss
  11. D:::::D D:::::DC:::::C R::::R R:::::Re:::::::::::::::::e s::::::s
  12. D:::::D D:::::DC:::::C R::::R R:::::Re::::::eeeeeeeeeee s::::::s
  13. D:::::D D:::::D C:::::C CCCCCC R::::R R:::::Re:::::::e ssssss s:::::s
  14. DDD:::::DDDDD:::::D C:::::CCCCCCCC::::CRR:::::R R:::::Re::::::::e s:::::ssss::::::s
  15. D:::::::::::::::DD CC:::::::::::::::CR::::::R R:::::R e::::::::eeeeeeee s::::::::::::::s
  16. D::::::::::::DDD CCC::::::::::::CR::::::R R:::::R ee:::::::::::::e s:::::::::::ss
  18. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  19. ===================================================================================================
  20. Dreamcast Resurrection - 2009 (since 2008)
  21. ===================================================================================================
  22. Check for more releases at these forums (search for user "TuxTheWise"):
  23. snesorama.us (all releases, see my signature)
  24. segahub.org (recent releases)
  25. dreamcast-talk.com (recent releases)
  26. ===================================================================================================
  27. NOTE: I've seen some people uploading my releases in other servers. I recommend you always getting
  28. my releases of my uploads in the forums above, because sometimes I release fixes or re-launch some
  29. games that have problems. If you get my uploads you'll be sure of having the latest releases.
  30. Additionally, you'll get the original package, not images made from discs, so you'll be sure that
  31. nothing is corrupted.
  32. ===================================================================================================
  33. --------------------------------
  34. Tomb Raider: Chronicles (NTSC-U)
  35. --------------------------------
  36. Ripped: Nothing.
  37. Downsampled: Some videos re-encoded.
  38. Source: European GD dump and Echelon's release.
  39. I tried making a release of the European version, but in NTSC-U consoles videos didn't play well.
  40. So, I got Echelon's release (american) and used the videos of the PAL version. American version
  41. also had 25fps videos, so no problem came from this. Around half of the videos had to be re-encoded
  42. in VBR to make enough space, but as compression was highly effective (still and dark scenes) a lot
  43. of original videos could be maintained. Audio in videos got untouched.
  44. The game may present little pauses while loading things during the levels. The pauses still got
  45. there even after optimizing the file order as better as I could. However, it won't affect gameplay
  46. significantly, so don't worry about that.
  47. Features of my release:
  48. - Not corrupted files at all, it was made with GD dump files.
  49. - Used custom file order based on GD's. It means faster loadings and less Dreamcast reader noise.
  50. - Selfboot.
  51. About the game:
  52. - It has VGA Box support.
  53. Other comments:
  54. - "Extras" folder in the pack contains some useless stuff.
  55. - Release comes with covers.