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The Nomad Soul - DCRES.nfo 8.7KB

  1. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. D::::::::::::DDD CCC::::::::::::CR::::::::::::::::R
  4. D:::::::::::::::DD CC:::::::::::::::CR::::::RRRRRR:::::R
  5. DDD:::::DDDDD:::::D C:::::CCCCCCCC::::CRR:::::R R:::::R
  6. D:::::D D:::::D C:::::C CCCCCC R::::R R:::::R eeeeeeeeeeee ssssssssss
  7. D:::::D D:::::DC:::::C R::::R R:::::R ee::::::::::::ee ss::::::::::s
  8. D:::::D D:::::DC:::::C R::::RRRRRR:::::R e::::::eeeee:::::eess:::::::::::::s
  9. D:::::D D:::::DC:::::C R:::::::::::::RR e::::::e e:::::es::::::ssss:::::s
  10. D:::::D D:::::DC:::::C R::::RRRRRR:::::R e:::::::eeeee::::::e s:::::s ssssss
  11. D:::::D D:::::DC:::::C R::::R R:::::Re:::::::::::::::::e s::::::s
  12. D:::::D D:::::DC:::::C R::::R R:::::Re::::::eeeeeeeeeee s::::::s
  13. D:::::D D:::::D C:::::C CCCCCC R::::R R:::::Re:::::::e ssssss s:::::s
  14. DDD:::::DDDDD:::::D C:::::CCCCCCCC::::CRR:::::R R:::::Re::::::::e s:::::ssss::::::s
  15. D:::::::::::::::DD CC:::::::::::::::CR::::::R R:::::R e::::::::eeeeeeee s::::::::::::::s
  16. D::::::::::::DDD CCC::::::::::::CR::::::R R:::::R ee:::::::::::::e s:::::::::::ss
  18. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  19. ===================================================================================================
  20. Dreamcast Resurrection - 2010 (since 2008)
  21. ===================================================================================================
  22. Check for more releases at these forums (search for user "TuxTheWise"):
  23. snesorama.us (all releases, see my signature)
  24. segahub.org (recent releases)
  25. dreamcast-talk.com (recent releases)
  26. ===================================================================================================
  27. NOTE: I've seen some people uploading my releases in other servers. I recommend you always getting
  28. my releases of my uploads in the forums above, because sometimes I release fixes or re-launch some
  29. games that have problems. If you get my uploads you'll be sure of having the latest releases.
  30. Additionally, you'll get the original package, not images made from discs, so you'll be sure that
  31. nothing is corrupted.
  32. ===================================================================================================
  33. --------------------
  34. The Nomad Soul (PAL)
  35. --------------------
  36. Ripped: Multi-language; CDDA track (see notes); 2 videos (see notes).
  37. Downsampled: Audio stereo -> Mono; Videos.
  38. Source: GD dump.
  39. === ATTENTION: ===
  40. You need to execute the "unpack.bat" before burning, it will unpack the .ecm file and create your
  41. .cdi image.
  42. If you need to apply any patch, do it in the unpacked .cdi file, not in the .ecm file.
  43. ==================
  44. After months held as an impossible project, I'm proud to present The Nomad Soul, the same game
  45. released in NTSC-U under the title of Omikron: The Nomad Soul.
  46. == The "OMFG it's really important" information: ==
  47. Before start playing, select "Mono" as Sound Type in Options menu. If you don't do that,
  48. eventually the game will play the sound only on left speaker. It happens because of the stereo to
  49. mono conversion, the game tends to ignore the "Mono/Stereo" flag in audio header even if it's
  50. configured correctly.
  51. == The important information: ==
  52. Note that this PAL version will work fine in any region console.
  53. Before start talking about things that no one wants to know as usual, let me talk about the
  54. important part: the ripped stuff. The people that has been following DCRES project probably know
  55. that I avoid rips at all costs, but this game was big as hell and the rips HAD to be done. First,
  56. the CONCT320 video has been ripped. It's a big clip with a show of Bowie in its "Omikron's
  57. character form" or something. I have no idea when it plays, probably in some part of the game or
  58. as an extra feature. Second, the TRAILER video has been ripped. I also don't know when it plays
  59. (or even if it plays). It was actually an optional rip that I had to do to keep a decent quality
  60. on other videos. As usual, you won't lose any content because I INCLUDED BOTH OF THESE RIPPED
  61. VIDEOS IN THE EXTRAS FOLDER OF THE PACK. The video is untouched and the audio was encoded in a
  62. very high bitrate, so you'll get the same quality you'd get on the original GD. Again, it was
  63. ripped from the game disc, but it can be watched on your PC. No harm done.
  64. A CDDA track was ripped, there was no way to make it fit on the disc, even edited. As I haven't
  65. finished the game, I'm not sure when (or even if) it plays. So if you get a big moment of silence
  66. (like in credits screen or something) and you think "where the hell is the music?", that's the
  67. reason. Please give me some feedback about it if you finish the game. Like the videos, the ripped
  68. CDDA was also included the Extras folder of the pack as TRACK04.MP3, so you can listen to it on
  69. your PC.
  70. The last rip is multi-language. It's not a big deal since most people can read English nowadays (I
  71. hope). The other language files have been linked to English, so everything should work fine
  72. regardless the language configured on your DC Bios. This solution worked fine as far as I could
  73. test it.
  74. Summarizing: the rips were made very wisely and you won't lose any content in-game. It's still the
  75. DCRES quality you're used to.
  76. PAL users, this game will show 50/60hz selector screen on your consoles.
  77. == The optional information: ==
  78. This game uses a not-standard ADPCM format for audio, and I couldn't find anything compatible with
  79. it. That was a huge problem. For my first tests of this game, I wrote a channel splitter for the
  80. audio. It means that it could transform stereo audio in mono copying a single channel. Of course
  81. this is not a reasonable solution for DCRES standards, but my goal at the time was testing the
  82. workability of mono audio and find a beta tester to find out when the videos (that I was already
  83. thinking about ripping) played. A couple of beta testers showed up and had access to this
  84. preliminary version, but for a reason or another they just disappeared at some point. I was let by
  85. myself as usual.
  86. Several months later I found a post at xentax forums about this weird ADPCM format, and on it a
  87. nice guy called Luigi posted a working decoder for it with source. With this source code in hands,
  88. and some hours to waste, I could wrote my own ADPCM encoder. Then I could decode the audio,
  89. transform it in real mono, and encode it back. That's what I've done. It was a lot of work, but
  90. I'm very proud of the results. Note that I'll post all my tools and information in my blog later,
  91. so check it out in case you're interested.
  92. The developers also had problems with GD space because this is a really huge game, so they had to
  93. use 22khz audio. So before you complain about audio quality, you should know that it's very
  94. comparable to the original audio. The other releases around don't even have audio, do they?
  95. Even making audio mono, the game was still too big to fit a CD-R. Fortunately there were ~60mb of
  96. redundant files that I could re-link and (finally) make it fit.
  97. An interesting characteric of this game is that it practically doesn't have loading times, most of
  98. things are loaded on-the-fly. It's a good thing for gamers, but a really hell for optimization.
  99. The good news is that I was able to optimize it a lot, it was a real miracle to find this nice
  100. file order. Note that the little pauses during streaming is normal and unavoidable, and it also
  101. happens with the original GD.
  102. I read on internet that this game has a lot of glitches (probably it was another rushed title), so
  103. don't blame me for them.
  104. Well, that's all. Enjoy this epic release by your DCRES friend. It feels good to do things that no
  105. one was able to do right in the past.
  106. Features of my release:
  107. - Full audio!
  108. - Not corrupted files at all, it was made with GD dump files.
  109. - Used custom DCRES optimization techniques. It means faster loadings and less Dreamcast reader
  110. noise.
  111. - Selfboot.
  112. About the game:
  113. - It has VGA Box support.
  114. Other comments:
  115. - "Extras" folder in the pack contains the extras files of the CD part of GD and the ripped stuff to
  116. be played on your PC.
  117. - Release comes with covers.