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Flag To Flag - DCRES.nfo 5.7KB

  1. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. D::::::::::::DDD CCC::::::::::::CR::::::::::::::::R
  4. D:::::::::::::::DD CC:::::::::::::::CR::::::RRRRRR:::::R
  5. DDD:::::DDDDD:::::D C:::::CCCCCCCC::::CRR:::::R R:::::R
  6. D:::::D D:::::D C:::::C CCCCCC R::::R R:::::R eeeeeeeeeeee ssssssssss
  7. D:::::D D:::::DC:::::C R::::R R:::::R ee::::::::::::ee ss::::::::::s
  8. D:::::D D:::::DC:::::C R::::RRRRRR:::::R e::::::eeeee:::::eess:::::::::::::s
  9. D:::::D D:::::DC:::::C R:::::::::::::RR e::::::e e:::::es::::::ssss:::::s
  10. D:::::D D:::::DC:::::C R::::RRRRRR:::::R e:::::::eeeee::::::e s:::::s ssssss
  11. D:::::D D:::::DC:::::C R::::R R:::::Re:::::::::::::::::e s::::::s
  12. D:::::D D:::::DC:::::C R::::R R:::::Re::::::eeeeeeeeeee s::::::s
  13. D:::::D D:::::D C:::::C CCCCCC R::::R R:::::Re:::::::e ssssss s:::::s
  14. DDD:::::DDDDD:::::D C:::::CCCCCCCC::::CRR:::::R R:::::Re::::::::e s:::::ssss::::::s
  15. D:::::::::::::::DD CC:::::::::::::::CR::::::R R:::::R e::::::::eeeeeeee s::::::::::::::s
  16. D::::::::::::DDD CCC::::::::::::CR::::::R R:::::R ee:::::::::::::e s:::::::::::ss
  18. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  19. ===================================================================================================
  20. Dreamcast Resurrection - 2009 (since 2008)
  21. ===================================================================================================
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  25. dreamcast-talk.com (recent releases)
  26. ===================================================================================================
  27. ---------------------
  28. Flag To Flag (NTSC-U)
  29. ---------------------
  30. Ripped: Nothing.
  31. Downsampled: Videos.
  32. Source: GD dump.
  33. Wow, tons of problems with this game. First one was cracking it. Regular method made it freeze on
  34. title screen. So I checked Echelon's release and changed two additional bytes like they did, it was
  35. finally working. But that was only the first problem. There are some videos that play when you are
  36. selecting tracks in Arcade Mode. My downsampled videos weren't playing at all. I took a lot of time
  37. to find the reason. More recent CRI's SFD Multiplexer adds an extra stream in SFD file. I figured
  38. that out analysing the original video. When the game is going to play the video, it finds the
  39. unknown block identification and freezes. Well, normal players should just skip that block. Anyway,
  40. it took a lot of time to find this because I didn't know anything about MPEG multiplexing. After
  41. some research, I was able to manually cut the "unknown" block (luck it was only one) and finally
  42. video played perfect. Well, at least it's what I thought. Video started playing, but was freezing
  43. after a while. Checking my downsampled videos, I saw that only part of the video was encoded, not
  44. all. There was some irregularity in the demultiplexed source. If I played one of the videos on
  45. MediaPlayer, for example, it showed 17 seconds in time bar, but after that it still kept playing.
  46. It means that there was more video than 17 seconds, but my encoder stopped encoding at 17 seconds.
  47. Well, that sucked, and I had to look in a lot of places to finally find a converter (WinAVI
  48. Converter) that could convert the whole video. So I converted videos in another format using a
  49. ossless encoder, and used the converted files to encode the final videos. Testing again, it was
  50. still freezing after a while! But I was sure video was okay this time. After some tries I found the
  51. problem. In the game, videos have a crap quality mute sound multiplexed on the SFD. I thought it was
  52. okay to encode without the sound because if there was some problem video probably wouldn'tt play at
  53. all. But I found out later that I needed to use audio or else I was going to suffer with these
  54. freezes. And there I went, encoding all videos again, now with a different bitrate to use all space
  55. I had available in disc. After that, videos worked good (finally!) and I could release this game.
  56. Note that Echelon ripped part of some CDDA tracks to make the game fit on a 74 min CD-R. In this
  57. release they are untouched. I thought I was going to have problems with video quality because lack
  58. of space, but videos are all played in a small screen and in the final result I couldn't notice any
  59. significant difference.
  60. File order was optimized using the same method I used in Mortal Kombat Gold, keeping video at the
  61. end of the disc so game files would stay closer to CDDA tracks. And yeah, I know some of you think
  62. that I should keep game files in end of the disc, but performance is better the way I did. Note that
  63. GD file order was used as base for all modifications.
  64. Features of my release:
  65. - Not corrupted files at all, it was made with GD dump files.
  66. - CDDA fully working (and full tracks!).
  67. - Used custom file order. It helps loading times and Dreamcast reader noise.
  68. - Selfboot.
  69. About the game:
  70. - It has VGA Box support.
  71. Other comments:
  72. - "Extras" folder in the pack contains some useless stuff.
  73. - Release comes with covers.