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Crazy Taxi - DCRES.nfo 2.0KB

  1. Crazy Taxi
  2. ------------------------------
  3. 2008 - Dreamcast Ressurrection
  4. dreamresurrection.blogspot.com
  5. dreamresurrection.cjb.net
  6. dreamresurrection.go.cc
  7. dreamresurrection.shorturl.com
  8. ------------------------------
  9. This release was made from original files of Kalisto's Crazy Taxi release.
  10. Since this game is small, nothing was ripped. The only problem about
  11. Kalisto's release was the loading time. If you get the car and start
  12. running without stop, city won't load in time and you'll be in a void for
  13. some time. Additionally, Kalisto's release is not selfboot. This release
  14. fixes all these problems. Here the features of our release:
  15. - The file is now dummied for 700mb CD. It means files are farthest from
  16. center where Dreamcast reads faster. Loading times are incredible fast and
  17. city will load correctly ALL THE TIME.
  18. - VGA Box is supported as in original release.
  19. - There is a folder "extra" where there are files from CD part of GD. In
  20. this game it's only the .txt files and the audio track.
  21. - Selfboot.
  22. - File order was the same of GD, and then no game files (as 0GDTEX.PVR,
  23. new extra folder, dummy file and copy of IP.BIN were moved to inner part
  24. of disc).
  25. Our releases are for Dreamcast console. If you use emulator, this release
  26. will work, but it will work exactly like Kalisto's release (except it's
  27. selfboot). If you're playing in Dreamcast, you will notice a great
  28. improvement over Kalisto's release.
  29. Enjoy our first release!
  30. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  31. WARNING: We don't want to support piracy! Dreamcast stopped being supported
  32. 7 years ago. Companies don't make money with it anymore. This work is only
  33. a fan no-profit work. We only want to support Dreamcast owners who can't
  34. find GDs anymore. If this work harms any company interests, please enter in
  35. contact using website and it will be removed immediately. Thanks.
  36. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------