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Aqua GT - DCRES.nfo 7.1KB

  1. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. D::::::::::::DDD CCC::::::::::::CR::::::::::::::::R
  4. D:::::::::::::::DD CC:::::::::::::::CR::::::RRRRRR:::::R
  5. DDD:::::DDDDD:::::D C:::::CCCCCCCC::::CRR:::::R R:::::R
  6. D:::::D D:::::D C:::::C CCCCCC R::::R R:::::R eeeeeeeeeeee ssssssssss
  7. D:::::D D:::::DC:::::C R::::R R:::::R ee::::::::::::ee ss::::::::::s
  8. D:::::D D:::::DC:::::C R::::RRRRRR:::::R e::::::eeeee:::::eess:::::::::::::s
  9. D:::::D D:::::DC:::::C R:::::::::::::RR e::::::e e:::::es::::::ssss:::::s
  10. D:::::D D:::::DC:::::C R::::RRRRRR:::::R e:::::::eeeee::::::e s:::::s ssssss
  11. D:::::D D:::::DC:::::C R::::R R:::::Re:::::::::::::::::e s::::::s
  12. D:::::D D:::::DC:::::C R::::R R:::::Re::::::eeeeeeeeeee s::::::s
  13. D:::::D D:::::D C:::::C CCCCCC R::::R R:::::Re:::::::e ssssss s:::::s
  14. DDD:::::DDDDD:::::D C:::::CCCCCCCC::::CRR:::::R R:::::Re::::::::e s:::::ssss::::::s
  15. D:::::::::::::::DD CC:::::::::::::::CR::::::R R:::::R e::::::::eeeeeeee s::::::::::::::s
  16. D::::::::::::DDD CCC::::::::::::CR::::::R R:::::R ee:::::::::::::e s:::::::::::ss
  18. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  19. ===================================================================================================
  20. Dreamcast Resurrection - 2010 (since 2008)
  21. ===================================================================================================
  22. Check for more releases at these forums (search for user "TuxTheWise"):
  23. snesorama.us (all releases, see my signature)
  24. segahub.org (recent releases)
  25. dreamcast-talk.com (recent releases)
  26. ===================================================================================================
  27. NOTE: I've seen some people uploading my releases in other servers. I recommend you always getting
  28. my releases of my uploads in the forums above, because sometimes I release fixes or re-launch some
  29. games that have problems. If you get my uploads you'll be sure of having the latest releases.
  30. Additionally, you'll get the original package, not images made from discs, so you'll be sure that
  31. nothing is corrupted.
  32. ===================================================================================================
  33. -------------
  34. Aqua GT (PAL)
  35. -------------
  36. Ripped: Nothing.
  37. Downsampled: Nothing.
  38. Source: GD dump.
  39. === ATTENTION: ===
  40. You need to execute the "unpack.bat" before burning, it will unpack the .ecm file and create your
  41. .cdi image.
  42. If you need to apply any patch, do it in the unpacked .cdi file, not in the .ecm file.
  43. ================
  44. This game was never released outside Europe, and opposite to some comments I've read around
  45. internet, it's NOT Hydro Thunder, it's a different game.
  46. Of course CDDA is included and fully working. It's surprising how many releases with CDDA ripped
  47. there are around. I understand that internet was much more limited back then, both in space and
  48. speed, but ripping CDDA really kills a game, even if the music is bad.
  49. VGA support was disabled in the original GD, but it's been patched and it's working great now.
  50. PAL users, the game will boot in 50hz in your consoles but there is a 50/60hz selector in the
  51. options menu, just check it. In NTSC consoles it will already boot in 60hz.
  52. Oh, and surprisingly, this game has widescreen support.
  53. === Read only if you're having trouble ==
  54. This game has only a few data files. Since I always dummy the games, the start of second session
  55. is very close to the end of the disc. Because of the reader's calibration, some consoles may have
  56. trouble recognizing this disc. It can be "fixed" removing the dummy CDDA track of the disc and
  57. remastering the disc. Here I teach you how to do it. Remember: if you console is recognizing your
  58. disc well, you don't have to worry about it.
  59. You must be confortable using Echelon's selfboot method to make it right. Tools needed (not
  60. included in the pack): cdrecord, mkisofs, binhack, ipins. Optional: CDRWin, cdirip.
  61. 1) Extract the CDDA tracks, either using cdirip on the .cdi image or using your favorite program
  62. on your already recorded disc.
  63. 2) Delete track01.wav, it's a ~40 minutes silence track. Make a copy of track02.wav and rename it
  64. to track01.wav (now the dummy track has only 4 seconds). Now you must have track01.wav,
  65. track02.wav, (...), track10.wav in this directory.
  66. 3) Record the tracks as told in Echelon's tutorial. You can use "cdrecord -dev=a,b,c -multi -audio
  67. track01.wav track02.wav (...) track10.wav -speed=x" where a,b,c is the number corresponding to
  68. your recorder (use "cdrecord -scanbus" to find out) and x is the recording speed. Also, you can
  69. use CDRWin: Record Disc -> Load Tracks -> Add. Add all the 10 wav files and order them, click OK.
  70. Mark "Open New Session", select the recorder, the speed and then click "Record Disc".
  71. 4) I'll assume the toolkit of the Echelon's method (that has the tools I mentioned earlier) is in
  72. "c:\selfboot". Create the directory "c:\selfboot\data" and copy the files of the game (extracted
  73. of your already copied disc) to there. In my release pack, there is a directory called
  74. "Remastering". Copy both files (ip.bin, aquagt.txt) to "c:\selfboot".
  75. 5) Use "cdrecord -dev=a,b,c -msinfo" and it will show you a number. I'll refeer it now on as "0,Y".
  76. 6) Now move "1ST_READ.BIN" of the "c:\selfboot\data" directory to "c:\selfboot".
  77. 7) Execute "binhack.exe" and it will ask for data. Type "1st_read.bin" for first question,
  78. "ip.bin" for second, and "Y" (your -msinfo number without the 0,) for third.
  79. 8) Move "1ST_READ.BIN" back to the "c:\selfboot\data" directory.
  80. 9) Use "mkisofs.exe -C 0,Y -sort aquagt.txt -l -o data.iso data", replacing the Y number of course.
  81. It will create the file data.iso.
  82. 10) Execute "ipins.exe", then type "ip.bin" for first line and "data.iso" for the second one.
  83. 11) Burn the final session using "cdrecord -dev=a,b,c -xa1 data.iso -speed=x", replacing a,b,c and
  84. x of course.
  85. 12) It's ready to play.
  86. I think only a few people will need to remaster this disc, however, if a considerable number of
  87. people has problem with this, I can remaster the disc and put it to download too, just let me
  88. know.
  89. === End of trouble section ===
  90. Enjoy another new year release.
  91. Features of my release:
  92. - Not corrupted files at all, it was made with GD dump files.
  93. - Used custom DCRES optimization techniques. It means faster loadings and less Dreamcast reader
  94. noise.
  95. - Selfboot.
  96. About the game:
  97. - It has VGA Box support.
  98. Other comments:
  99. - "Extras" folder in the pack contains some useless stuff.
  100. - Release comes with covers.