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  DanielFGray d192bd217c npmsearch: pass arguments to fzf when removing 3 years ago
  DanielFGray ed1f86f0c7 npmsearch: fix broken version handling 3 years ago
  DanielFGray fb4db2ac7e npmsearch: --help info 3 years ago
  DanielFGray 8d6eb89ffe more colors 3 years ago
  DanielFGray b73b98fc42 remove packages with -r 3 years ago
  DanielFGray e1ec7f877a better quit handling 3 years ago
  DanielFGray 4d339118a1 npmsearch can install specific versions 3 years ago
  DanielFGray 42f752eaac npmsearch: global installs 4 years ago
  DanielFGray 23d62b2deb npmsearch: npm5 support 4 years ago
  DanielFGray 1a075b66a6 npmsearch: header info 4 years ago
  DanielFGray c1d45d9d89 npmsearch: header info 4 years ago
  DanielFGray 3a57fe6f1b npmsearch: header info 4 years ago
  DanielFGray 28b091c83a npmsearch: remove clutter from preview 4 years ago
  DanielFGray 4ac05475cd npmsearch: save packages as dev deps 4 years ago
  DanielFGray cf81c9cf18 added npmsearch script 4 years ago