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  Uncled1023 c48548c1d4 Merge branch 'tekup' of danthebeastman/Tools into master пре 3 година
  danthebeastman a664078699 added third-party section and tekup link пре 3 година
  Zanthas bd756bf8d3 commax fixes пре 4 година
  Zanthas eb3d886fab MORE LICENSES пре 4 година
  Zanthas f3393de7e3 License fixes пре 4 година
  Zanthas d7e1cee731 License fixes пре 4 година
  Zanthas 59042bff15 More fixes, fuck curl, fuck this script. пре 4 година
  Zanthas a7e57ac9d2 Fix for curl png bugs пре 4 година
  Zanthas e593e214e2 JSON fixes for new api пре 4 година
  Brett Bohnenkamper e7576dc5f8 Revamped upload script. Has flag for generating a deletion key and defaults to server-side encryption and key saving for decryption. пре 4 година
  Brett Bohnenkamper d07095552c Correctly parsing JSON return for paste.sh пре 4 година
  Brett Bohnenkamper a6e05ee629 And....I forgot to remove a debug line. пре 4 година
  Brett Bohnenkamper 5e00b3301f Correctly parsing JSON return for upload.sh пре 4 година
  Brett Bohnenkamper 057e16a733 Fix paste script for v1 API. пре 4 година
  Brett Bohnenkamper 38f788fa30 Fix upload scripts for v1 API. пре 4 година
  alusion cf1ea79554 Test external commands пре 5 година
  alusion 51142ad7d5 Update teknik.sh пре 5 година
  alusion 8fcdfa9bb3 Adding bash uploader with extra features from maim and xclip пре 5 година
  Teknikode f8714b43e6 Added ISC License пре 5 година
  Teknikode 991854b862 Added README пре 5 година
  Brett Bohnenkamper 752229ad4e http->https for paste. пре 5 година
  Brett Bohnenkamper 2a5954be7c http->https пре 5 година
  Brett Bohnenkamper 5c5d8c73d9 Should error out on JSON error. пре 6 година
  Brett Bohnenkamper d55ff8bcd6 Adding more to header. пре 6 година
  Brett Bohnenkamper c23a73ccc1 paste.sh uses new API. Can also specify file to paste from. пре 6 година
  Brett Bohnenkamper 3e4a3bc0eb Fixing upload script once and for all. UncleD forgot to add the string manipulations in his update! пре 6 година
  Teknikode 7e927c9b32 Updated upload script to use new Teknik API пре 6 година
  Brett Bohnenkamper 82d4c3582a Fixing the upload script to be compatible with new site structure. пре 6 година
  Teknikode e16a8a8cae Removed registry files because they aren't uploading correctly. пре 6 година
  Teknikode 97593b4727 Moved bash scripts to separate directories. Added Context Menu registry add for Windows for Upload. пре 6 година
  Teknikode 67f8d4777c Fixed argument list being incorrectly parsed for filenames with spaces in them. Must encase files with spaces in them with single quotes ''. пре 6 година
  Teknikode cdb1d9319e Initial Commit пре 6 година