arch linux configuration files
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scrot of current desktop

installed software

Not all of this is required for the configuration, it’s just the list of software that I personally use and recommend.


  • bspwm window manager chosen because it’s easily configured
  • sxhxd hotkey daemon default for bspwm and I have no reason to change it
  • rxvt-unicode-256xresources terminal emulator lightweight, extensible with perl
    • urxvt-clipboard makes urxvt play nice with the x clipboard
    • urxvt-resize-font enables on the fly font resizing. very useful for small screens
    • urxvt-vtwheel better scrolling support
  • polybar status bar easy to use panel with a tiny footprint
  • feh image viewer and background setter it’s simple and does everything you need
  • unclutter-xfixes X cursor hider the cursor is useless for a keyboard driven config, so hide it


  • weechat irc client extensible irc client with great community support
  • neomutt mail client fast and well supported console email client
    • msmtp mtp client sends email
    • offlineimap imap client syncs email
  • chromium web browser golden standard web browser
    • vimium browse with just your keyboard
    • stylish user styles manager
    • noscript block javascript from running automatically
    • https everywhere force https where possible
    • ublock origin ad and nuisance blocker
  • w3m web browser console web browser, used for image previews in ranger
  • rtorrent download manager trimmed down bittorrent client


  • beet music organizer fetches music metadata and cover art
  • cmus music player simple console music player
  • mpv video player do-it-all video player for streaming and playing local media


  • khal calendar console calendar
  • khard _contacts__ console contacts. integrates well with mutt
  • zathura document viewer lightweight extensible document viewer with a vim-like interface
    • poppler pdf rendering lib much faster than mupdf
  • scrot screenshotter simple


  • vim text editor the one true text editor
    • ale linting integrates with a bunch of differnt linters
    • vim-plug plugin manager lightweight and less finicky than other managers
    • vim-airline status bar replaces the standard vim status bar with some useful eye candy
    • vim-numbertoggle smart relative line-number toggling
    • vim-gitgutter shows git diffs
    • vim-trailing-whitespace highlights spaces where they shouldn’t be
    • auto-pairs spawns matched brackets / quotes
    • nerdtree in-editor file browser
    • gruvbox colour scheme low contrast colour scheme that’s easy on the eyes


  • zsh shell very powerful shell that remains compatible with bash
  • tmux terminal multiplexer will save your life when X11 quits working
  • rofi dynamic menu application launcher
  • ranger file manager extensible file manager that can use w3m for image previews
  • pacaur aur helper yaort is for losers
  • htop task manager beautified and more useful top
  • progress tool to show the progress of coreutils basic commands
  • tlp power management fire and forget power manager
  • powertop power management great for identifying sources of energy waste

fonts / themes

  • source code pro for powerline monospace font primary font used in the system, extremely legible
  • source code sans sans serif font font used for web browsing that retains the legibility of source code pro
  • arc-grey gtk theme flat gtk theme with dark highlights
  • paper icon theme flat and simple icon theme