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How to Contribute

Pull Requests

  1. Pull requests are welcome. If you would like to add a large feature or make a significant change, make sure to open an issue to discuss with people first.
  2. Follow PEP8.
  3. Make sure to pass the unit tests. Write unit tests for new modules if needed.


  1. Only bugs and feature requests are accepted here.
  2. We’ll only work on important features. If the feature you’re asking only benefits a few people, you’d better implement the feature yourself and send us a pull request, or ask some of your friends to do so.
  3. We don’t answer questions of any other types here. Since very few people are watching the issue tracker here, you’ll probably get no help from here. Read Troubleshooting and get help from forums or mailing lists.
  4. Issues in languages other than English will be Google translated into English later.