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  BreakWa11 1ee344220a merge manyuser 2.6.13 4 years ago
  BreakWa11 a681a72b16 a stupid bug 4 years ago
  breakwa11 2d695441d2 bump 2.6.12 4 years ago
  breakwa11 7df3152608 merge manyuser 4 years ago
  BreakWa11 eebd5c548e Merge pull request #26 from mengskysama/patch-6 4 years ago
  mengskysama 3db5a4918f 发现好多坑 4 years ago
  BreakWa11 1e41de7d0b Merge pull request #24 from mengskysama/patch-2 4 years ago
  BreakWa11 9bb52acaf5 Merge pull request #25 from mengskysama/patch-4 4 years ago
  mengskysama b059b9ad85 memory leak 4 years ago
  mengskysama 418cadb945 Update lru_cache.py 4 years ago
  breakwa11 c18b002754 bump 2.6.11 4 years ago
  breakwa11 1bc0e60cfd merge manyuser branch 4 years ago
  breakwa11 3200b7d4fe merge manyuser branch 5 years ago
  breakwa11 8f402277e6 merge manyuser branch 5 years ago
  breakwa11 a37623b0b7 log TCP header if parse error 5 years ago
  breakwa11 5b6dec5940 merge manyuser branch 5 years ago
  breakwa11 a38db829f2 new UDP over TCP protocol, merge master 5 years ago
  breakwa11 d475076cdc listen ipv6 5 years ago
  breakwa11 e751534234 Merge branch 'master' of shadowsocks/shadowsocks 5 years ago
  clowwindy 1bb0e51e8e refine tests 5 years ago
  clowwindy f7d69db6d1 bump 5 years ago
  clowwindy f55bd0302f update CHANGES 5 years ago
  clowwindy 13a6bb007c cache DNS results in UDPRelay 5 years ago
  clowwindy 99b4121fd9 fix problem when UDP client requesting both IPv4 and IPv6 5 years ago
  clowwindy c34c99450f fix UDP source port issue 5 years ago
  clowwindy 1a62694a3b add udp source port test 5 years ago
  breakwa11 7c3e047449 merge manyuser branch 5 years ago
  breakwa11 1b0504ade2 merge manyuser branch 5 years ago
  clowwindy a2edd6a46d Merge pull request #361 from jackyyf/master 5 years ago
  Yifu Yu 0edae7069f Add fail2ban filter. 5 years ago
  breakwa11 e5b4a804e9 double UDP sockets for IPv4 and IPv6 5 years ago
  breakwa11 3d1563ecac fix udp ipv6 5 years ago
  breakwa11 c549929dfb fix udp ipv6 5 years ago
  breakwa11 d065dba34f merge manyuser 5 years ago
  breakwa11 f16749962a drop UDP message if frag != 0 5 years ago
  breakwa11 62dca9d3cd udp over tcp 5 years ago
  clowwindy e001f1818c bump 5 years ago
  clowwindy 56c289ba21 update CHANGES 5 years ago
  clowwindy e74ae193d0 elaborate reasons of header parsing failure 5 years ago
  clowwindy 16db66675b optimize LRUCache 5 years ago
  clowwindy c46234af41 update CHANGES 5 years ago
  clowwindy 405120c59f bump 5 years ago
  clowwindy 082c8a80f4 fix duplicated close in LRUCache 5 years ago
  clowwindy 893d21da76 Merge pull request #332 from sky-chen/master 5 years ago
  sky ea7a3e1b58 flush autoban output 5 years ago
  clowwindy e898f92191 Merge pull request #295 from jlund/no-rc4 5 years ago
  clowwindy 5c0391d146 Merge pull request #312 from kimw/patch-1 5 years ago
  Kim Wong e17279e5bf remove duplicated line (refer line 221) 5 years ago
  clowwindy f17da943b3 Merge pull request #305 from lazybios/patch 5 years ago
  lazybios d3831bef8c remove duplicate code from shell.py 5 years ago