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  javier ramírez 8693adfd4a Adding HIPAA check marks to some services (#711) 1 month ago
  Varun Chopra 14eeb67bb1 Fix Beanstalk homepage link (#710) 2 months ago
  Ian Mckay 71cfd2c262 Add CloudFormer alternative (#708) 2 months ago
  Juan José Rodríguez f1f2ef5dd5 fix bold hyperlink for EC2 pricing (#707) 3 months ago
  Christopher Malerich b4aafff90f Fix typo "computign" in two places (#702) 4 months ago
  Corey Quinn 6fff0a76a4 Fixed broken links. 4 months ago
  Pranit Raje 5b2acb2fd6 Added billing tool (#646) 5 months ago
  Dan c4ed9689eb minor typo fix (#692) 5 months ago
  hayfield a51c3976ac Add info about Step Function execution limits (#693) 5 months ago
  dkeightley 2f306fbc21 Update EKS Autoscaling Limitation (#695) 5 months ago
  Matt Weeden 58c573d300 Fix have-has typos (#697) 5 months ago
  Arturo Herrero 18f99307a1 Fix typo (#698) 5 months ago
  Karthik Prabhakar ae1fbe6085 Link to AWS EKS docs on Kubernetes network policy and Calico for network security (#687) 6 months ago
  Vasil Lozanov c2eb408423 Update PCI compliancy status of services (#691) 6 months ago
  Scott Brenner 7050f3a6f6 Add Fargate task storage gotcha (#681) 7 months ago
  Dennis Traub a4cdb106fd Fix typo in OpsWorks Basics (#679) 8 months ago
  Dennis Traub 2f609a3e15 Remove unnecessary repetition in CloudFormation Basics (#678) 8 months ago
  Dennis Traub 75485a8570 Fix formatting of specialty certification entries (#677) 8 months ago
  Shashank Gonchigar cbf90ce64f Updated New Certification (#676) 8 months ago
  Shashank Gonchigar 32f4254731 Drift Detection Feature added. (#674) 8 months ago
  Sam Nguyen d33337e9df Fix eks gotchas link (#673) 8 months ago
  Stefan Sundin 073f8d4793 Add link to the AWS documentation page with a list of access key prefixes. (#671) 8 months ago
  Stefan Sundin 8308ebb049 Fargate for EKS is not launched yet. (#672) 8 months ago
  Kevin Lin e188dad1e0 basic coverage for elastic beanstalk (#669) 9 months ago
  Artem Nikitin 62822a441d Add info about possibility of running Android emulators on EC2 instances (#656) 9 months ago
  Samir Musali 912e8373b5 Adding LogDNA (#666) 9 months ago
  Maish aad40d50d9
Merge pull request #667 from dserodio/api-gateway-gzip 9 months ago
  Andrew A Smith ceee35a46f Fix Batch TOC link (#668) 9 months ago
  Daniel Serodio 515a7780c3 API Gateway supports gzip compression now 9 months ago
  Maish 454242308e
Merge pull request #659 from wilsonmar/patch-2 10 months ago
  Wilson Mar c20768d9b4
Aliyun renamed to Alibaba Cloud 10 months ago
  Maish ca257284ec
Merge pull request #657 from gliptak/steps1 10 months ago
  Gábor Lipták 19a972046e
Correct Step Functions links 10 months ago
  Maish ce78b1c190
Merge pull request #644 from StanForever/cfn-alternative 10 months ago
  Maish e51968fa61
Merge pull request #643 from StanForever/ecs-blog 10 months ago
  Pranit 08d7d024fc Added Pulumi 11 months ago
  Pranit 251baeefcd Removed the Twitter link 11 months ago
  Maish f658a175a0 Updated for new version support of MariaDB and MySQL (#655) 11 months ago
  Mike Lehan 6d6eecdb4f Alphabetise top list (#619) 11 months ago
  Maish 95d9ce63b7
Merge pull request #649 from QuinnyPig/limits 11 months ago
  Maish 5333d5a045
Merge pull request #648 from aaronwalker/patch-1 11 months ago
  Maish 2683cf8eae
Merge pull request #654 from QuinnyPig/iam-youare 11 months ago
  Maish f4d79850df
Merge pull request #653 from QuinnyPig/nvme 11 months ago
  Maish 4b24297b94
Merge pull request #652 from QuinnyPig/jerry 11 months ago
  Maish b1e6c5868e
Merge pull request #651 from QuinnyPig/organizations-caveat 11 months ago
  Maish 985d8b95e0
Merge pull request #650 from QuinnyPig/tag-caveat 11 months ago
  Corey Quinn 24d71cfd99 Root account is not an IAM account: 11 months ago
  Corey Quinn 480e37e037 NVMe is a thing, not everything modern is EBS 11 months ago
  Corey Quinn 00d8c8c5ac Let's give Jerry Hargrove his due 11 months ago
  Corey Quinn a87ce537fc Member accounts can now leave Organizations 11 months ago