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First rough market landscape.

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@@ -37,11 +37,12 @@ The Open Guide to Amazon Web Services
- [Disclaimer](#disclaimer)
- [License](#license)

**List of Tables**
**Figures and Tables**

- [Service Matrix](#service-matrix)
- [AWS Product Maturity and Releases](#aws-product-maturity-and-releases)
- [Storage Durability, Availability, and Price](#storage-durability-availability-and-price)
- [Tools and Services Market Landscape](#tools-and-services-market-landscape): A selection of third-party companies/products
- [Service Matrix](#service-matrix): How AWS services compare to alternatives
- [AWS Product Maturity and Releases](#aws-product-maturity-and-releases): AWS product releases
- [Storage Durability, Availability, and Price](#storage-durability-availability-and-price): A quantitative comparison

Why an Open Guide?
@@ -204,6 +205,16 @@ General Information
- 🕍[OpsWorks]( Management of your deployments using Chef. While Chef is popular, it seems few people use OpsWorks, since it involves going in on a whole different code deployment framework.
- [AWS in Plain English]( offers more friendly explanation of what all the other different services are.

### Tools and Services Market Landscape

There are now enough cloud and “big data” enterprise companies and products few can keep up with the market landscape. (See the [Big Data Evolving Landscape – 2016]( for one attempt at this.)

We’ve assembled a landscape of a few of the services. This is far from complete, but tries to emphasize services that are popular with AWS practitioners — services that specifically help with AWS, or a complementary, or tools almost anyone using AWS must learn.

![Popular Tools and Services for AWS Practitioners](figures/aws-market-landscape.png)

🚧 *Suggestions to improve this figure? Please [file an issue](*

### Common Concepts

- 📒 The AWS [**General Reference**]( covers a bunch of common concepts that are relevant for multiple services.

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