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Note that EFS encryption is now available and small adjustments.
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@@ -956,10 +956,9 @@ EFS
### EFS Basics

- 📒 [Homepage]( ∙ [User guide]( ∙ [FAQ]( ∙ [Pricing](
- 🐥**EFS** is Amazon’s new (general release 2016) network filesystem.
- 🐥**EFS** is Amazon’s network filesystem. It’s presented as an [NFSv4.1]( server. Any compatible NFSv4 client can mount it.
- It is designed to be highly available and durable and each EFS file system object is redundantly stored across multiple availability zones.
- EFS is designed to be used as a shared network drive and it can automatically scale up to petabytes of stored data and thousands of instances attached to it.
- It’s presented as an [NFSv4.1]( server, so any compatible NFS client can mount it.
- EFS can offer [higher throughput]( (multiple gigabytes per second) and better durability and availability than EBS (see [the comparison table](#storage-durability-availability-and-price)), but with higher latency.
- EFS is priced based on the volume of data stored, and costs [much more than EBS](#storage-durability-availability-and-price); it's in the ballpark of three times as much compared to general purpose gp2 EBS volumes.
- ⏱ [Performance]( is dependent on the volume of data stored, as is the price:
@@ -984,7 +983,7 @@ EFS
### EFS Gotchas and Limitations

- 🔸 A number of NFSv4.1 features are [not supported]( and there are some [limits]( to the service.
- 🔸 As of 2017-02, EFS does not offer disk level encryption, though it is on the roadmap.
- 🔸 As of 2017-08, EFS offers disk level encryption for new drives. For file systems created before that date, encryption can only be achieved by moving the data to a new EFS volume.
- 🔸 An EFS file system [can be mounted on premises]( over Direct Connect.
- 🔸 An EFS file system can NOT be mounted over VPC peering or VPN, even if the VPN is running on top of Direct Connect.
- 🔸 Using an EFS volume on Windows is not supported.