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  Teknikode 6cb9719227 Fixing visual studio pirms 5 gadiem
  Teknikode d84b6abbde Changed file format for config files to .json pirms 5 gadiem
  Teknikode 0605e2bdeb Added webexception handling for modules that create a connection. Fixes #8 pirms 5 gadiem
  Teknikode 1b2c7903b1 Added basic console app for those who do not want a GUI. pirms 5 gadiem
  Teknikode 2c651d6186 Fixed output from Search and URL Parsing not being decoded properly. pirms 5 gadiem
  Teknikode 5550e6cb53 Fixed assembly files containing extra assembly file info. pirms 5 gadiem
  Teknikode 284e587798 Added GitVersionTask to Nuget Packages. pirms 5 gadiem
  Teknikode 7392aedaaa Added Sed, Rules, About, Fun, and Configuration modules. pirms 5 gadiem
  Teknikode d3d2c54096 Changed Module scheme to have each module a separate project/dll. pirms 5 gadiem