75 Commits (255bb52ff8a2acc42b2f14f751cf3a7700527f5d)

Autor SHA1 Nachricht Datum
  Teknikode 255bb52ff8 Modified Sed module to keep messages in memory instead of parsing database. vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 0f034bff74 Added message cleaning for detecting nicknames vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 2f8d8e4ef0 Added CTCP logging to file. vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 36b79ba801 Added parsing of location to remove bad characters vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 228b911063 Added ability to log to file. vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 9a1559e6e2 Changed default source code location. vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode f53656996b Added Spam checking for commands. vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 1136f0814f Fixed issue where a highlight would be triggered if a word contained a nick. vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 258f8684d5 Added logging of invites. vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode b1301ff307 Modified Wolfram Alpha results beautifier. vor 5 Jahren
  Aaron Miller 1c283529ed add formatting cleanup to W|A results vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 8c388b2f76 Moved message delay to TCP send to account for all tcp messages. vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 1a3730c993 Modified error messages and some commands to return as silent (notice or priv message) vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 27e9aa4dad Changed location of Module source. vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 94064ebb18 Fixed exception when no description found for youtube. vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 278071b693 Added initial Custom Commands module. vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 546575cc7e Fixed youtube api still at version 2 for gathering description. vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 049b1422b9 Added whois module. vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode b5636cf402 Added 'Delete' trigger to config as well vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 7e8164934a Modified description of times. vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 6210e073c6 Added timed devoice and ban/timed unban response for spam response. vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 93fd94ebd9 Added Timer module. vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 6cb9719227 Fixing visual studio vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 1912f1f45e Added controller to handle multiple bot instances. vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode ebb8720f9c Added logging of nick changes under the nick info and nicks. vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 6f2266a481 Fixed issues where trying to load large pages and getting stuck. vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 8ac5907a2c Optimized the quote searching queries. vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode fcdcc5ba1c Fixed issue where long results would cause Combot to flood. vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode cdf7ae6575 Updated youtube search to use the new UI. This requires an API key. vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 2e6a4b9d66 Fixed mispelling in 'Quitting' seen message. Closes Issue #28 vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 0e4182ea54 Changed default ban host style. vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode dcec871b0c Fixed where number of messages sent was not checking just your messages, but all. Closes Issue #26 vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 0e81b88f15 Fixed issue where large files was causing out of memory exception. Issue #31 vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 248498df0c Modified to match new 'AddNick' function call. vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 09bbb95b69 Allows version to be used without a nick specified vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 5b3a83d3f4 Fixed issue where if no nickname was specified, command would still look for it (exception). vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode d84b6abbde Changed file format for config files to .json vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 968e7649e7 Fixed rules being able to be added by anyone. vor 5 Jahren
  emgram769 22d2de5c59 add "delete" to intro methods (same as "del") vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 65bb76ed82 Moved youtube url parsing to the Url Parsing module. vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode fa496aaa36 Added max title length to url parsing. vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 70419e89c5 Added required argument for String.Format in Messages. Fixes #12 vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 9f350982c4 Made for loop to foreach. vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode e0357f558a Added error handling around github user repo viewing. Fixes #10 vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 0605e2bdeb Added webexception handling for modules that create a connection. Fixes #8 vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode e09d520c2f Added check to kick/ban to check kicking/banning nick's privilege against the target - should fix #6 vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode ef8b14906d Decreased message buffer to reduce lag and memory usage. vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 6bd517284a Modified Git command to allow string repository name to be added for information. vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 97c4305d78 Added Github Module. vor 5 Jahren
  Teknikode 0a6bcb2d82 Fixed possible NullReferenceException points for asynchronous methods. vor 5 Jahren