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作成者 SHA1 メッセージ 日付
  Teknikode 0afa77fc85 Updated exception logs to include exceptions and better messages. 4年前
  Teknikode f868b6b3e5 Fixed issue where server error would hang system. 4年前
  Teknikode b6edd23ef6 Finished Merege 4年前
  Teknikode 9c2dd8a377 Bug fixes 4年前
  Teknikode b7324c998c Forgot to remove exception. 4年前
  Teknikode eebe09d84b Added exception handling to many aspects and logging/displaying of exceptions. 4年前
  Teknikode e862d131c0 Quotes - added two functions to possibly handle all randomness inside sql. 4年前
  Teknikode fb79327286 Bot - Fixed issue where AllowedMessageTypes was not being filtered for a command. (Whoops?) 4年前
  Teknikode 198cda8f1c Re-ordered spam control actions to ban before kicking. 4年前
  Teknikode b4cf738c43 Fixed issue where a single word longer than max message would create stack overflow (infinite recursion). 4年前
  Teknikode a5292bafb4 Fixed like count for youtube parsing. 5年前
  Teknikode c1583bc92d Fixed possible bad or null youtube values. 5年前
  Teknikode a0e8eea8bb Spam Control - Added lock around spam session list to prevent exceptions. 5年前
  Teknikode a9d0eb7527 Configuration - Added channel specific configuration editing (enable/disable modules/commands) 5年前
  Teknikode 0cd916b8b1 Merge branch 'master' of http://Uncled1023:24121Compound29@git.teknik.io/uncled1023/Combot.git 5年前
  Teknikode af1ea6a862 Whois - Added detail to whois 5年前
  Teknikode dba59d7881 Added BSD-3 License. 5年前
  Teknikode e71bf30a9b Url parsing - Added check to see if Youtube title was in youtube result and remove it. 5年前
  Teknikode 447de40782 Readme - Updated spacing 5年前
  Teknikode 0a16425b51 Bot - Added logging command to send output to interface. 5年前
  Teknikode 4c78b31554 Seen - Fixed issue where a null channel breaks the msql (Quit logs, nick changes) 5年前
  Teknikode 274d0aef4a Sed - Added catch for the regex to prevent crashing on bad query. 5年前
  Teknikode 5071ea324e Added sql files to the build process. 5年前
  Teknikode c6147894c4 Moved intilize table for Module to the main bot class. 5年前
  Teknikode 57911828e5 Added CreateTable scripts to each module that requires tables. Also the main tables within Module. 5年前
  Teknikode aae4ea1114 Modified Seen to use it's own table for keeping track of last seen data. 5年前
  Teknikode be69c71065 Added missing handlers to the interface. 5年前
  Teknikode 044e3fc6e5 Updated readme 5年前
  Teknikode cb0ffe6d05 Finished Relay module. 5年前
  Teknikode 2a34193ae9 Added additional relay handlers 5年前
  Teknikode a6108c4c66 Added initial relay handlers. 5年前
  Teknikode 3be96ac393 Added initial Relay module. 5年前
  Teknikode e29ccefa6e Fixed 'g' argument for sed. 5年前
  Teknikode cddefd772e Fixed reversal. 5年前
  Teknikode 66addf9520 Fixed backwards sed search 5年前
  Teknikode 2e9c0bb2c7 Fixed issue where messages weren't being saved. 5年前
  Teknikode 255bb52ff8 Modified Sed module to keep messages in memory instead of parsing database. 5年前
  Teknikode d304268c69 Modified spam check to not reset session every time, only on spam commands. 5年前
  Teknikode 85b2afe3f6 Merge branch 'master' of http://git.teknik.io/uncled1023/Combot 5年前
  Teknikode 0f034bff74 Added message cleaning for detecting nicknames 5年前
  Teknikode 2f8d8e4ef0 Added CTCP logging to file. 5年前
  Teknikode 36b79ba801 Added parsing of location to remove bad characters 5年前
  Teknikode 228b911063 Added ability to log to file. 5年前
  Teknikode 9a1559e6e2 Changed default source code location. 5年前
  Teknikode f53656996b Added Spam checking for commands. 5年前
  Teknikode 1136f0814f Fixed issue where a highlight would be triggered if a word contained a nick. 5年前
  Teknikode 258f8684d5 Added logging of invites. 5年前
  Teknikode 97c03724cd Added lock around tcp send to prevent race conditions between sending threads. 5年前
  Teknikode b1301ff307 Modified Wolfram Alpha results beautifier. 5年前
  Teknikode 1c1dec5480 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/uncled1023/Combot 5年前