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  apoc 78bcabc926 to offset indentation for cleaner outputs 2 weeks ago
  apoc 2d1730f3b8 added fullview command to output full branch history 2 weeks ago
  apoc 40ad2bbff4 updated the issue tracker 2 weeks ago
  apoc 882ec5c7f1 slight visual changes, to show resolution of an entry 2 weeks ago
  apoc 1f3892b26b slight visual changes 3 weeks ago
  apoc 0dd1eb16b9 terminology just werks, leave it be 1 month ago
  apoc 9bbcb21c94 knowledgebase search looks at latest similar microproblem result and its cause and effect 1 month ago
  apoc 95488ffc32 changes some terminology, moves client into project root 1 month ago
  apoc c5f7c3bb8e terminology a non-issue 1 month ago
  apoc 51df8ede9d changes some output visuals 1 month ago
  apoc 41660de250 removes unnecessary entity plan, see b479cb 1 month ago
  apoc b479cb1d8d defines refined functionality requirements 1 month ago
  apoc 37c1114695 removed some functionality, updated docs 1 month ago
  apoc 60c67a311b documentation 1 month ago
  apoc 0c9073af9c docs 1 month ago
  apoc c94d79399e editorconfig 1 month ago
  apoc 001019e714 documentations 1 month ago
  apoc 64a5ed9603 removed unused code 1 month ago
  apoc 43bff6e5dc removed unnecessary Project entity 1 month ago
  apoc 720f7d228a sorting by Y dimension 1 month ago
  apoc 60d19a8337 put client and server in the same repo 1 month ago
  apoc 8610209732 renamed collaborations to cooperations 1 month ago
  apoc c2be1d0cf2 marks currently active branch in overview mode 1 month ago
  apoc 719543366a minor fixes 1 month ago
  apoc 4d68c42877 added full text search 1 month ago
  apoc f41e49b5c8 backend determines which problem is currently being worked on 1 month ago
  apoc 70b430f4ea up 1 month ago