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4.1 Common server 1.0KB

xampp (lamp, mamp, wamp), nginx. These are the HTTP/web service stacks most commonly used to handle most common web technology:

(l)inux (or (w)indows/(m)ac, or (x) any), (a)pache, (m)ysql, (p)hp.

Web servers all are, in essence, a program written so that it runs indefinitely, listening/checking if someone (or something) has connected to the machine it is running on.

Imagine a telephone. You sit by the telephone waiting, listening. I call your number, you hear the telephone ring, you pick up. I say “hello, say, what time is it in London?”. You respond “it is 12 o’clock.”.

You listened for a call, I made the call, once connected I requested information, you responded with information. In this scenario you are the server. Our voices speaking english, these are how information is transferred.

An HTTP server listens for HTTP requests and provides HTTP responses. HTTP stands for Hypertext transfer protocol and this protocol is how information is transferred.

Obtain XAMPP here: