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  apoc e00019e0d9 master adds sample data to frontpage 7 months ago
  apoc c91816562f master updates roadmap 8 months ago
  apoc 73a356bf2c master fixes up sample datafile path 8 months ago
  apoc 498d8a340d master updates index.php to load sample CSV file 8 months ago
  apoc ec12e82a77 master adds CGI script 8 months ago
  apoc 12b63fffe2 adds documentation on CGIs 8 months ago
  apoc b6d3299b97 adds docs on URIs, fixes some typos 8 months ago
  apoc 60127b1314 elaborates on git workflow in order to parallel with gitea workflow 8 months ago
  apoc 805c1b2838 docs on minimal workflow 8 months ago
  apoc e6b1986d0f added a contact e-mail address 9 months ago
  apoc 8e8852da38 added to documentation on using Gitea 9 months ago
  apoc b157ddccac started on docs for gitea 9 months ago
  apoc 0f8b137aa8 enumerates issues, proposes to expand no gitea user guide 9 months ago
  apoc 545758f7d5 enriched readme, roadmap, added documents to explain web browsers and servers 9 months ago
  apoc 666f35198a opens an issue for documenting web dev stacks 9 months ago
  apoc 2194fad676 adds docs on filesystems 9 months ago
  apoc a2daac79cc expands on filesystem write-up task 9 months ago
  apoc d1f0a2f8f4 formats filesystem docs to show tables in Markdown previews 9 months ago
  apoc b0f2d426b2 this commit adds some writeup on filesystems 9 months ago
  apoc 23b2916d33 this commit adds documentation on structural specifications of the application to be developed 9 months ago
  apoc 5b4d69acbf this commit adds documentation on plans 9 months ago
  apoc 452554fa18 this commit adds a new issue to resolve 9 months ago
  apoc 9b017b6a6e this commit adds sample data to be manipulated with PHP 9 months ago
  apoc 6370c6ed84 expands on how to fork and create pull requests 9 months ago
  apoc 4815bc0c0c added issue tracker orgfile 9 months ago
  apoc 47d8266830 documentation 9 months ago
  apoc 09be73bed1 leftover draft for the wiki 9 months ago
  apoc 35ca8a3015 up 9 months ago