Server configuration files for the game Xonotic. Feat. multiple game modes and balance conventions each.
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original_toxicity.mapinfo 776B

  1. title Toxicity
  2. description <DESCRIPTION>
  3. author Alexander Mader
  4. cdtrack music\fla22k_03
  5. has weapons
  6. // uncomment this if you added turrets: has turrets
  7. // uncomment this if you added vehicles: has vehicles
  8. // this map is a shitty version of what already exists.
  9. // opaque black lightshafts and more missing textures.
  10. //gametype dm // defaults: timelimit=20 pointlimit=30 leadlimit=0
  11. //gametype lms // defaults: timelimit=20 lives=9 leadlimit=0
  12. //gametype ka // defaults: timelimit=20 pointlimit=30
  13. // optional: fog density red green blue alpha mindist maxdist
  14. // optional: settemp_for_type (all|gametypename) cvarname value
  15. // optional: clientsettemp_for_type (all|gametypename) cvarname value
  16. // optional: size mins_x mins_y mins_z maxs_x maxs_y maxs_z
  17. // optional: hidden