Server configuration files for the game Xonotic. Feat. multiple game modes and balance conventions each.
Du kan inte välja fler än 25 ämnen Ämnen måste starta med en bokstav eller siffra, kan innehålla bindestreck ('-') och vara max 35 tecken långa.

apple-whenweslide.mapinfo 457B

  1. title <TITLE>
  2. description <DESCRIPTION>
  3. author <AUTHOR>
  4. cdtrack 16
  5. // uncomment this if you added weapon pickups: has weapons
  6. // uncomment this if you added turrets: has turrets
  7. // uncomment this if you added vehicles: has vehicles
  8. gametype cts // defaults: timelimit=20
  9. // this map does not have a problem with the starting brush
  10. // however if below is set to 0, players will fall through the spawn platform.
  11. settemp_for_type all g_playerclip_collisions 1